Mena Suvari an ‘American Pie’ Star Gives Birth to Her First Child.

The ‘American Pie’ actress Mena Suvari has confirmed that she has welcomed her first child with her husband Michael Hope. The parents have given their first baby boy, the name Alexander Hope.  Both baby and mom are doing wonderfully according to the sources.

Mena Suvari is known for her roles in three American Pie films as Heather. She has also starred in American Beauty and American Horror story. Suvari had announced her pregnancy in October last year. She has captioned her Instagram post as greatest and most precious gift has come our way. She had posted a photo of herself holding her baby bump.

Mena, about her pregnancy.

Mena revealed that she was trying hard to get pregnant before. She was on constant check using fertility tests. Mena,’ The Rumor Has It Star’ is 42 now.

Mena told that , she always expected that it will happen anytime, but it did not happen. She was frustrated and tensed due to this. She had reached a point where she had lost all hopes. She also added that, she got pregnant after she got relaxed. She told that she had stopped calculating. She had left it all from her mind, and was relaxing. It is when it  happens, when you are relaxed, she continues to say.

Mena was married twice before. This is her third marriage. She is married to Michael now. Earlier she had married Robert Brinkmann and Simone Sestito. She had met Michael on the set of the Hallmark movie I’ll Be Home For Christmas. Michael was in the art department of the film.

Mena, happy about her marriage with Michael.

She said that her wedding was a very intimate one. It was beautiful. She had her intimate friends with her in the wedding. The wedding was really a very meaningful one. She also added that she feels happy that, she is married and settled now in her life, after having so many ups and downs.

She also added that she did not expect to be a mother now. She said that, she have a few years left now. May be we can expect more kids now.

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