Megaman X5 , also known as, Rockman X5. Japanese video game developed by Capcom. It is the 5th game in the series of Megaman X series. It was released on 30 November 2000 in Japan for PlayStation platform.


Megaman 5 was published in 21st century when Dr. Wily attempted to take control all over the world. Proto man, who was the ally of Megaman, leads a destructive to attack on the world. Megaman didn’t understand his motive but still he fought against Proto Man for world peace. Megaman formed an army contains eight robot and leads towards Proto man’s fort to fought battle and defeating him. He took help of Dr. Light and Dr. Wily for his mission.

Megaman X5 Endings

Megaman X5 Endings

Megaman X5 is the final game of Megaman series. It has best ending in the whole franchise. Some of the expected endings are:

1. X’s Good Ending

The ending only be achieved if zero doesn’t go Maverick and the player leads towards the stage. X tries to arrest Zero. Both X and Zero fought for their lives against eachother. Later, X fights with Sigma. Zero is being half dead and X isbeing shot by Sigma. The whole scene later this fight will be shown from X’s perspective and he continuing past his point.

2. X’s Bad Ending

X’s Bad Ending is the easiest ending of this game. It only needs a player to do everything in a wrong way to end it in this way. When Zero turns Maverick he will be out of commission and the players took control of X.

Megaman X5 Endings

3. Zero’s Ending

Zero has just one ending in Megaman X5. He turned Maverick and losing his commission results the bad ending of X. Zero can defeat Sigma, but in this process, he got damaged.

Megaman X5 Endings

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