Megaman X5 Ending Guide Walkthrough

Megamanx5 is an action platform video game developed by Nintendo Entertainment System. Megaman released on 4 December 1992 in Japan. Megaman 5 is the 5th in megaman series. 5th part is the grand finale of this whole series.

Game Plot

Megaman 5 published in 21st century when Dr. Wily attempted to take over the world. Proto man, ally of Megaman, leads a destructive which attacks on world. He even kidnaps His own creator Dr. Light, to cripple the world’s defender. Megaman didn’t understand his motive behind all this, but he fought for world peace against Proto man. Megaman created an army of eight robots and make his way towards Proto man’s fortress and tried defeating him with the help of Dr. Light and Dr. Wily.

Megaman X5 Ending Guide

Megaman X5 Ending Guide

In this final series of Megaman, X and Zero were destined to fight and X4 formally brought Dr. Wily in the story. And X5 took this all in a conclusion. X5 would be followed by three more games, still it looks like the end of the series.

Megaman X5 features 3 expected endings. 

1. Zero’s Ending

Zero only has one ending in Mega Man X5 by turning Maverick. To ensure that zero won’t going maverick, RNG needs Enigma to destroy the colony or that the zero’s suicide mission plays out best. X and Zero’s battle is sadder with zero in control and the focus given to the personal character drama between them. Zero is able to defeat Sigma, but he takes damages. X is shot by Sigma in the process. With the last strength, Zero fires a blast at Sigma that most probably kills him. As Zero lay dying, his senses started malfunctioning.

2. X’s Ending

X’s good ending only be achieved when Zero doesn’t go maverick and players head through the final stage as X. X tries to arrest Zero and in this process they both fought till death and X fights with Sigma in the place of Zero. Zero is half dead and X was shot by Sigma.

3. X’s Other Ending

X’s other Ending, which is the bad one, is the easiest to get. For this player needs to go wrong in his whole playthrough. X’s bad ending in fight with Zero is kind off emotional as the players need to fight against their will. X and Zero were friends, but here they need to fight against eachother. But X is forced to put Zero down. X actually kills Zero and headed towards Sigma to fight. X manages to defeat Sigma, but left half dead.

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