Mega Yacht Sold For $650,000 In Metaverse, Most-Expensive NFT: Know More

Metaverse Developer Republic realm has successfully sold the Meta flower mega yacht for $6,50,000 USD(4.8 crore RS) making the digital yacht the most expensive NFT asset in the sandbox. If you want to dig in and find out more then read on to this article because you will find out more. Well before we move ahead watch the video below.

Details On Mega Yacht Of $6,50,000

The recent hyper beast reports show  something which we can’t look away from because an NFT Mega yacht was just sold for $6,50,000USD or 149 WETH(Wrapped Etherium). But that lucky owner is anonymous(Sounds a bit cool)It will be even cooler because he will get many more things you could think of in the yacht. The Yacht is called Metaflower Super Mega Yacht.

He will get a digital DJ booth, a Helicopter landing pad single hot tub in the “Fantasy islands”, A self-described Luxury real estate development project of 100 NFT private islands(comprised of NFT  land in the sandbox plus architecturally unique 3D NFT villas) onEtherium blockchain.

Mega Yacht Sold For $650,000 In Metaverse, Most-Expensive NFT: Know More

The Technical Knowledge On The Sandbox Where the Mega Yacht Was Bought

This unimpressive 3D model and the luxury resort will be living in the Sandbox(a blockchain-based Self-described metaverse. Its user-generated content strongly reminds me of Roblox but it has a vastly different scale of cosmetics centric monetization.

Metaverse is a futuristic 3-dimensional version of the internet that can potentially sustain a fully functional virtual universe. On the series are the private islands, speed boat jet skies of the developer republic realm who sold the Yacht. It s designed as luxury NFT series.

Mega Yacht Sold For $650,000 In Metaverse, Most-Expensive NFT: Know More

The Social Media Reactions On the Mega Yacht of $6,50,000 And The Metaverse

At a time when the concept of the metaverse is just starting or just beginning its era in gaming and crypto spaces. The news of this was quick to surface on social media and it started trending. As per the images, the yacht is three-storeyed and white in colour. The payment of the NFT was done in 149 Ether Tokens

Facebook was Rebranded to meta earlier this year more tech giants like Microsoft Nvidia metaverse, Roblox metaverse is getting into the groove of the metaverse The Microsoft CEO also tweeted on the Metaverse that below.

Last Remarks Regarding The Mega Yacht

Bloomberg intelligence is expecting the market opportunity of metaverse to grow to 800 billion dollars by 2024. With all the companies like Facebook, Microsoft etc coming forward with the support it is expected it will be the new era of Metaverse. People can buy pieces of land, Estates and wearables for their virtual avatars to customize their existence in virtual reality.

Honestly, as we say the future is unpredictable but We are the only ones who are building the future with these sorts of innovations and with the powerful and developed companies supporting such a huge market the History will be made without a doubt. So stay tuned to the Metaverse as it comes to you and be a part of the exciting future till then stay tuned to our website for more such updates. See ya!

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