Mauritania Wordle What was the Riddle All About

The guide gives details about a new game that is geography-based to clear up confusion surrounding the Mauritania Game.

You enjoy Wordle, the well-known puzzle game. Wordle inspired a geography-based puzzle.

The default game features six attempts to guess the country’s name. It is enjoyed by many players and the puzzles are constantly updated to keep it entertaining.

The 15th of April saw the release of a puzzle with the answer Mauritania. However, many people were confused and searched Mauritania Wordle.

What was the Riddle All About

Worldle published a new riddle, which was the 84th of its puzzle game. Based on these hints, players were required to correctly guess the daily riddle’s answer. Don’t confuse it for any other game. These are the clues:

  • It is an African nation
  • Name of a country in ten letters
  • Rich in mineral resources
  • Starts with “M”

The clues were used to help players guess the correct answer. This is the answer for the 84th riddle from Worldle. It’s not Mauritania.

What is Worldle?

Worldle, a daily puzzle game, is inspired by Wordle. The rules of the game are identical. Players must solve six riddles and guess their solution. This puzzle-based game requires players to guess the country’s name, not a word.

The players get six chances to guess correct country names. They also get clues because the tile color changes to indicate how accurate their answers are.

The answer is Mauritania.

Is There Any Mauritania Game ??

In Mauritania, there is no such game. Mauritania answers a daily Worldle puzzle. Worldle published the 84th riddle on Monday, with a few hints. Players must guess the correct country name.

The riddle was solved by six different players, who shared the solution on social platforms. The solution became viral quickly and people began to misunderstand the concept of a game. The result is that they search for the game by using the term Mauritania Game.

However, it isn’t a game or a spinoff of Wordle. It is an answer for the Worldle puzzle published on April 15th. The solution to the riddle should not be confused with any other game.


The daily riddle game makes headlines among the worldwide. This is the game that spins off Wordle. The game is currently in the news because people have confused it with Wordle’s answer to the 84th puzzle.

The answer to this riddle was Mauritania. Many people believed it was a Mauritania wordle game. Are you able to solve the 85th riddle. Leave a comment below.

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