Mary Lynne Leroux Better Known As The Emotional Baby Everything You Need To Know

It’s next to impossible for a baby to react accurately over a video. And it’s really impossible for a 11 month old baby to understand a thing or any voice. But a video of a little girl got viral on internet.

Mary Lynne Leroux

Mary Lynne Leroux got famous when her video got viral. She along with her family lives in Ontario, Canada. Her video got viral with a caption “emotional baby”. She got fame soon after her video got viral.

The Video

The reason behind the viral video was that a 10 months old baby girl reacts to her mother’s singing her family captured this beautiful moment in his camera roll. Amanda Leroux posted this video of her baby on YouTube and soon it was viewed more than 35 million times.Mary Lynne Leroux Better Known As The Emotional Baby Everything You Need To Know

Baby’s Reaction

In the video, Mary started crying when her mother sang a Lullaby titled “My heart can’t tell you no”. Little Mary’s eyes started glistening as soon she heard her mother’s voice.


Family Over Baby’s Video

Her mother Amanda said that it wasn’t the first time that her baby got emotional for a song. She reacted over many songs. But this particular song always evokes a strong reaction from her.

Parent’s Meet With Ellen

Soon after the baby got viral. Her parents were called to Ellen show, where her mother told every details about the connection of Mary and that song. She told that one day when the song “My Heart Can’t Tell You No” was played on radio, Amanda too started singing and noticed Mary crying. Her husband didn’t believe her at first. So she captured that moment and showed it to her husband.

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