Martial Peak : Everything you need to know

Martial Peak is an adventurous, supernatural manhwa by Momo. It went on air in 2018 and has been going strong with loyal followers since then. There are historical elements in the story as well and has many characters.

The Manhwa has aired total 1399 chapters as of 13th August 2021, and the latest episode was recently released a few hours ago.  The work has not gained  a very large fan base, but has a sufficient amount of fans to keep the manhwa going on.

Pikapi has done the illustrations of the manhwa. He gave faces and physical features to the audiences’ much loved characters.


Rating and the Plot of Martial Peak

On the website Manhwa top, the fans have rated the manhwa 4.1/5, which is a very good score. It is further ranked 26th, and has 2.5 Million views.

In chapter 1399, titled It’s actually you, Qing Ya meets Kang Yai as he makes his comeback. He saves Qing Ya from the brothers and finishes them on the spot in a single blow. And thats how he makes his re-entry.

Where to read chapter 1399

There are few sites where fans translate the newly released chapter much before the officially translated version comes out. Some international fans who read the chapters in English can go to these platforms if they can’t control their excitement to read the upcoming events.


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