Mars Perseverance rover deploys Ingenuity helicopter: Purpose & All Latest Update

Recently, Mars Perseverance rover of NASA has come up with the Ingenuity helicopter on top of the Mars surface along with the flying drone, surviving on it’s own power. However NASA has committed the first flight of $80 million Ingenuity helicopters to take place on 11 April this year. Before the final launch of these helicopters several tests is in process.

Ingenuity Helicopters highlights

  • The deployment process of this special helicopter will take about six days and four hours on Earth. The team will first activate a bolt-breaking device emancipating the locking mechanism that is designed to support the helicopter firmly against the rover’s belly during launch and while landing on Mars. Followed by a firing a cable-cutting pyrotechnic device.
  • Before the Ingenuity Helicopters take it’s first flight it is important for it to be placed in the middle of it’s airfield. Once the position of the perseverance is confirmed by the rover’s team about the helicopter being perfectly placed at the point where they want then the further process to deploy the helicopter on the Mars’s surface will begin.
  • Altogether six sols has been scheduled up till now. If the team comes up with any doubt while testing it’s flight then the team might add more sols to understand the issue better.
  • According to the plan if the craft survives it’s first  night on the Mars’s Surface the team will pay out several sols in order to make the flight successful.

Goals of Perseverance Rover

Mars Perseverance rover deploys Ingenuity helicopter: Purpose & All Latest Update

  1. The first goal of the Perseverance Rover By NASA is to find out if life ever existed on Mars before.
  2. Another major goal of this is to identify the climate of Mars.
  3. This is also designed to keep a record of Geology of the planet like studying the rocks record.
  4. Last but not the least the final goal is to this planet for human exploration.

This Ingenuity Mars’s helicopter is the first attempt of being powered flight to be taken on another planet up till now.

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