Maron’s latest update or solution to the Wordle puzzle?

Maron isn’t a New York Times update, but it is an answer that was incorrectly spelled for the 31st of May puzzle. Wordle users were confused by the spelling of the 346th puzzle. People are also not sure what the word means.

MANOR and NOT MARON is the correct answer for wordle’s 31st may and 346th puzzles. To identify the correct answer, readers need to read the clues and then connect with it. Let’s learn more about the clues and meanings that the puzzle seeks to highlight.

Maron Definition Answer

Maron, as it appears in the puzzle, has a very specific meaning. It can be described as a legend or someone who is driven to excel in any endeavor.

It could also be a piece or copper of brass or copper that was ground into an hourglass to mark the French territory.

Game strategy

These tips will help you play the game.

  • Player mast identifies the meanings of each day and places them in the appropriate words
  • It is important to check the official website for the final answer, and to identify the new answer using the list.

Maron Puzzle Hints

There is an interesting hint in the Wordle 346th for 31 May 2022. The hint was given by the game as follows:

  • The word consists of the first letter n.
  • R is the final letter in the word.
  • The word at its center is composed of two vowels.

What is Maron puzzle Trending in?

While the puzzle was very popular, there was no shortage of people who could solve it. However, not all country users were able to comprehend the Definition. Only certain people were able to comprehend it. The Moron Definition astonished the players and made Wordle trendy.

Is the winner awarded?

According to internet research, the possibility of a surprise coupon is possible if the player maintains a high score streak for at least four rounds. If the voucher is cancelled, it will be removed from your account.


The news is about the official website’s new answer. Some users were confused about the spelling. But the news displayed the real solution.


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