Who wouldn’t want shoes that catch the attention of others? A great foot collection is a joy to admire and display. Isn’t it? People from all over the world, particularly from Canada, the United States, Great Britain, and Germany, look for different portals to make online purchases.

Mangomeee, a website that sells footwear online, is known for selling high-quality brand-oriented shoes at an extremely low price. It is often asked if Mangomeee scam. Scroll down to find out more about this site.

Mangomeee is legit or bogus.

  • Created at –21/11/2019
  • Expiry dates-21/11/2022.
  • Owner identity withPrivate through WHOIS
  • Trust Index-Has rated 86% on this index.
  • Trust score-Got 0 out of 100.
  • Website blacklist Status-Yet for being detected as a Blacklisted Site.
  • Nearness to suspicious site-Got 9/100
  • Security –Identified a secure, private connection server.
  • Contact information- Pretty active and mentioned in the official website with multiple phone numbers.
  • Website Popularity-Website popularity is high on the scale.
  • Mangomeee reviews You can find many reviews and ratings on reliable websites that review portals.
  • Alexa Indexing-Alexa Ranking is excellent.
  • Social media handles-Presents on Instagram and pretty active.
  • Website speed – It is fast.

It is clear that the site and the data it contains are legitimate. To draw a conclusive conclusion, we need to do more research.

Mangomeee web site

Mangomeee, an online selling site, sells Bape, Dior and Adidas as well as Travis Scott, Air Jordan and Balenciaga shoes, Alexander McQueen shoes, and Nike sneakers.

They sell shoes at a very low price, which is making people both skeptical and awestruck. Many people are actively looking for an answer to the Mangomeee Scam.

Particular details-

  • Website name-www.mangomeee.com
  • Contact number:+8613255911553
  • Email ID-[email protected]
  • Address-Not Found
  • Cost price- US Dollars.
  • Return and Refund Policy-Not indicated by the site.
  • Privacy policy – They collect personal information for insurance and cookies.
  • Payment methods-They take Credit Cards and provide insurance to cover the package that is lost.
  • Shipping policy They can ship internationally.
  • Tracking There is no option on the website.
  • Other services- Members receive discounts on previous purchases

The website has potential risks that can be identified. A wise purchase is advised to avoid future problems. Scroll down to find out more about this website.

The website’s positive aspects to be aware of is Mangomeee Scam and not

  • Some legit sites have positive reviews.
  • It is a certified HTTPS protocol.
  • They are an old domain.
  • This site is extremely popular.
  • Alexa ranks are quite high.
  • It will be less spam if suspicious scores are low.
  • They have active social media accounts.
  • This website is very much like an online store.
  • Legal SSL certificate

Negatives for the website-

  • WHOIS conceals the identity and name of the proprietor.
  • The website contains links to suspicious brands.
  • This website was marked as suspicious by the DNS filter.

Let’s examine the reviews more closely and assess the transparency of the portal.

What are Mangomeee reviews?

Even though the product is highly rated on trusted websites like Trusted Websites, some people still doubt the site’s products. They are very active and famous on social media. This is helping to attract more customers.

YouTube and other sites have people claiming that their packages arrived in time. Others are still anxious and are wondering where their package is.

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The last words

Mangomeee allows customers to have a great experience shopping for shoes. Many customers are buying brand-name shoes from the domain. But, others are concerned about possible threats. Mangomeee Scam

Site reviews and trust ratings can be used to guide customers in making further purchases. We recommend making a smart purchase to protect your money.


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