Manchin writes to Biden asking him to reverse termination of Keystone XL pipeline project.


Joe Manchin, the West Virginia Democrat, requested President Biden to think once again about the Keystone XL pipeline permit by penning a letter to him.  Manchin is of the opinion that pipelines are the safest  mode to transport the oil and natural gas resources. He also remarked that this method provides many American union jobs .

Biden had cancelled the pipeline’s permit on the very first day in his office. The project was planned  to deliver almost 80,000 barrels of Canadian crude oil to US. Manchin  also added that since there is no access through the pipelines now, the crude oil will find its way through other means such as truck, rail etc to the market. Manchin is of the opinion that pipelines are a safer mode of  transport compared to this.

Manchin in his letter also asked President Biden to consider his decision again to revoke  the cross-border permit for Keystone XL pipeline. He also asked Biden to think about the potential impacts of the decision to revoke the pipeline permit.

Manchin unhappy about Biden’s Keystone XL pipeline order

Manchin was a supporter of the pipeline project. He and his fellow democrat Sen. Jon Tester Mont had joined Republicans to support the project in a budget resolution. But later had voted for an amendment from Sen. Majority leader Chuck Schumer. Nobody expected Biden to revoke the pipeline project on the very first day of his office.

Job losses due to revoking the Keystone XL Pipeline permit.

Many labor groups are of the  opinion that Biden’s decision to revoke the pipeline permit, has eliminated thousands of American union jobs. It could also kill  many fold of construction jobs that may arise related to this project. All those jobs were seasonal works.

Those who are opposing the pipeline project, fears about the spillage from it . They are of the opinion that allowing the project to move forward would create dependence for oil for many years to come. The new administration is trying to form a hundred percent clean energy based US by 2050.

Manchin is a very powerful moderate senator, who may stand in any side  in the 50 -50 split senate in a number of issues. His support to the pipeline project is a blow to the Democrat’s climate legislation in Congress.

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