Make It Happen: Sims 4 Appease The Gnomes

The Sims 4 is a life based video game released in 2014 by Redwood Shores Studio and published by  Electronic Arts. The game is the sequel of The Sims which was released in 2013. The game received a mixed reviews from the audience, the majority criticised the lack of content in the game. In 2020, the game completed its ten packs besides the eighteen stuff packs and nice game packs released. Also Read.


The game is a stimulation game where players create a character of Sim and control its life and explore different personalities. The Sims developed by you can perform multiple task. The Sim moodlets change the characters’ gameplay by affecting their emotional state and making new interaction options. The players have to solve challenges too while playing the game.

Sims 4 Appease The Gnomes

Creating a Sim

The most important aspect of the game is to create your own Sim by clicking, pulling, dragging the Sim and manipulating its features. There are seven different stages available with the lives of the Sim including baby(infant), toddler, child. teenager, young adult, adult and elder. Although the baby is only available during the birth of the Sim.

The Sims can have different personality traits and outfits depending on the mood and occasion. You can even buy you Sim in different levels. The game also contains galleries for players to publish their creations for other people to but it as well. Also Read.

Sims 4 Appease The Gnomes

Different Worlds

The Sims 4 has two different worlds: Willow Creek and Oasis Springs. Both the worlds have five neighbourhoods and 21 slots. Also Read.

Sims 4 Appease The Gnomes


The game also consists of different gnomes that have progressed through graphics and photography.  The different approached to appease the gnomes have been discussed below:

  1. Strictly Business Gnome: This gnome carries a briefcase and wears a tiny suit. He is appease by coffee and is a perfect addition to Sim home.
  2. Bearly Gnome: This gnome can be seen wearing a bear costume and is appeased by pies otherwise the Sims will have to face the consequences.
  3. Don’t Fear the Reagnomper: This gnome is styled after grim reaper and carries tiny scythe. He must be appeased by a pie.
  4. Poolside Gnome: This is the perfect addition to a Sim’s pool landscaping and has braids and floaty. It is appeased with the help of a pie.
  5. Mr. Floppy The Gnome: Mr. Floppy can be found on holidays in bunny suit. It can be appeased by salad.
  6. Bare Essentials Gnome: This is the most hilarious and scandalous gnome and can be appeased by a toy.
  7. The Ghastly Ghostly Gnome: This Gnome would fit in a dying garden, cemetery or a plasma fruit garden. It can be appeased by fruitcakes.
  8. Happy Gnomiversary! : This gnome holds a party cake and is perfect in any condition. It can be appeased by a coffee.

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