It’s terrible news for all the fans who have been eagerly anticipating the premiere of Love Live! Superstar!! Episode 3. As one might expect, awful news results in a delay. That’s true; the third episode of this brand-new series won’t be released on time. Many anime productions will be delayed or rescheduled due to the broadcast of a major worldwide event.

The announcement comes from NHK Educational TV’s official social media accounts, implying that the delay will be longer than expected.

Love Live! Superstar!! It is a brand-new anime that premiered on July 11, 2021. Studio Sunrise is responsible for the anime’s creation. This moving musical is the result of a collaboration between director Takahiko Kyogoku and writer Jukki Hanada. So, what’s the big deal about Love Live! Superstar!! Episode 3 isn’t due this weekend? Here’s everything you need to know! #lovelive

Reason for the Delay of Love Live! Superstar!! Episode 3

Love Live! Superstar!! Episode 3 defies popular belief. There will be no delay in Episode 3 due to pandemic limits or production concerns. The Tokyo Olympics is set to start streaming next week, and significant Japanese networks are making preparations to broadcast many bouts at once.

love live! superstar!! episode 3

As a result, various anime slates are being adjusted and rescheduled to do this. A similar problem plagues Love Live! Superstar!! As well. As a result, the next episode will be released when the games come to a close in August this year.

Release Date of Love Live! Superstar!! Episode 3

Fans who have been waiting for Love Live! Superstar!! Episode 3 will have to wait a bit longer. This is because the Tokyo Olympics will occupy a lot of television screens. So, Love Live! Superstar!! Episode 3 will be released on August 8, 2021.

Furthermore, fans should mark their calendars since this isn’t the only anime that will be rescheduled owing to the big event. You can also save time by returning to The Anime Daily for all of the updates from that period.

Expected Plot of Love Live! Superstar!! Episode 3

love live! superstar!! episode 3

So far, the first two episodes of Love Live! Superstar!! It has been fantastic. The first few episodes only introduce the characters and the world they live in. We’re taken to Yuigaoka Private Girls High School, where a group of four singers is attempting to resurrect the idol band and bring music back to the school.

However, the school has a tumultuous history that is being kept hidden. So far, we’ve just observed that girls are just getting to know one another. They’ve bonded over their shared love of music. Kanon Shibuya’s persona is currently receiving a lot of affection from the audience.

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