A virtual casino with a live dealer is a mainstream of gambling sites. It allows you to bring online platforms as close as possible to luxurious VIP rooms. The player enters the game and sees a table and a dealer who maintains a pleasant conversation. You see all ща the gambling elements: accepting bets, dealing cards, launching a ball in roulette. 

A live dealer appeared in online casinos quite recently, after 2010. The opportunity to play with a croupier online has captivated players so much. The popularity of games has grown very quickly. On the Shangri La site, you can play live casino in Canada, India and 10 more countries.

Advantages of live casino 

Players who choose live casinos claim that this is a gap between a virtual game and a real gambling room. 

Pros of playing with a live dealer: 

• Casino environment: gambling table, game sounds 

• Visibility: the player keeps track of all the dealer actions 

• Win by chance: there is no place for RNG in live dealer games 

• Game with a person: a professionally trained croupier is friendly with the guests 

• Excellent graphics: auxiliary fields and statistical elements improve the game experience 

Shangri La has an entire section dedicated to live dealer games. 

Technologies for communicating with a live dealer 

Communication in a casino with live dealers is very simple. The croupier in a specially equipped studio. It shoots several cameras from different angles. A high-quality picture and sound are transmitted to the player who has connected to the game. 

In turn, through the microphone of the player, the dealer receives sound, which allows you to communicate. Chat is additionally organized. At the same time, the croupier sees everything that player’s writing and can react. 

Choice of online casino games with live dealers? 

With a live dealer, there are several types of games that exist in land-based casinos: 

• Baccarat 

• Roulette 

• Black Jack 

• Wheel of Fortune 

• Poker adapted for virtual casinos 

Each game in the version adapted for the Internet has its own characteristics. 

Live Baccarat 

Baccarat is a card game of aristocrats. Previously, lie down and gentlemen gathered at the same table to test their luck and at the same time have a nice chat. But in the virtual version, where you play in software emulation, everything is not so fun. And only the appearance of a live dealer revived the process. You can communicate with the croupier and see the results of others players. 

Live roulette 

The appearance of the croupier brought the virtual gameplay closer to the VIP casino rooms. The process goes at the same speed as in a real casino. You can hear the sound of the wheel spins, see the ball launches and hear how it jumps across the field. The game is slower than in a purely virtual variation, but more realistic. 

Live Poker 

Perhaps live dealer poker is the most varied live game. Firstly, there are special rules for online casinos. Secondly, there are many versions: hold’em, 3-card poker, Caribbean stud, etc. 

The dealer can clarify the rules of the game and suggest any topic of conversation. 

Wheel of Fortune 

This live game is one of the latest. A large Wheel of Fortune spins in the studio like in the best casinos on the planet. A host starts the rotation, comments, accepts bets, announces the winning number. The winning sector is determined not by the RNG, but by the chance. 

The audience of live casinos is growing at an impressive pace. People like to play with croupiers from home and get a realistic gaming experience.


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