After the hit of Pokemon Go , there has a huge demand for monster capturing games in the gaming world. Monster capturing games are basically the games wherein you have to complete a bunch of tasks by catching monsters from all around your area.  these games are designed with special technology that looks around the area using GPS and enables you to catch a no. of monsters.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a niantic production in collaboration with  Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. It had a mixed response by the public but was certainly one of the most downloaded app of 2016. It had an overwhelming response because of its GPS technology usage and physical activity providing an aid to the growth of local businesses.

Each player had to go to particular spots, search and catch Pokemons. But the overwhelming response had its consequences too. Besides of the hige traffic and revenue it generated it was overshadowed by traffic, accidents and deaths due to reckless movement in youth.

List Of Top 7 Monster Capturing Games That You Would Definitely Love To Play

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List Of Monster Capturing Games

After the craze for Pokemon Go many other games have also been designed to attract the player traffic:

1. Nights of Azure

The main Character tries to save the life of his friend from the Nightlord. You can kill the creatures by infusing blood into them. The game comes with alot of levels and designs that gets pretty intense. There is backtracking and grinding too. It is one of the finest designs by Koei Tecmo.

2. World of Final Fantasy

WOFF gives you the benefits of having less monsters so you can switch easily. Each monster is given with abilities and power to strengthen the player.

3. Digimon Story: cyber sleuth

If your kid is a fan of Digimon, you may buy Digimon cards for him/her. These cards can be useful when he is not playing online.

List Of Top 7 Monster Capturing Games That You Would Definitely Love To Play

4.Ni No Kuni: wrath of the white witch

A young boy Oliver gets transported to a dream world where he has to protect his mother. The game has been designed in a 3D arena and have to battle the monster.

5. Kingdom Hearts 3D: dream drop distance

Two boys Sora and Riku get trapped into the dream realm and have to fight the monster and the nightmares to get back to the real world by the activation of sleeping keyholes.

List Of Top 7 Monster Capturing Games That You Would Definitely Love To Play

6. Shin Megami Tensei IV

This game is the first adaption where the monster is an aide to win the battle.

7. Pocket Mortys

Based on the show Ricky and Morty, where Rick’s organisation takes Morty to an alternate dimension. This games gives you a huge variety of Morty to choose in terms of outfits, personality and appearance.

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