List of All gta 5 Monster Truck: How to Buy Monster Truck and Price

Along with many amazing features in gta 5 monster truck the another vehicle feature that sounds cool in itself. Everyone likes to have a fancy, affordable and best vehicles in the game and the Monster Truck along with sounding cool is actually something a player can flaunt. Not only to go with the looks of these trucks but they also have certain features.

 List of gta 5 monster truck and price

List of all GTA 5 monster truck: How to buy monster truck and price

  • Apocalypse Bruiser ($1,609,000)
  • Apocalypse Sasquatch ($1,530,875)
  • Big Bug
  • Future Shock Bruiser ($1,609,000)
  • Future Shock Sasquatch ($1,530,875)
  • Marshall ($250,000)
  • Monster Bug
  • Monster Truck ($32,000)
  • Nightmare Bruiser ($1,609,000)
  • Nightmare Sasquatch ($1,530,875)
  • The Liberator ($742,014)

How to get your hands on these Monster Trucks?List of all GTA 5 monster truck: How to buy monster truck and price

I f you are someone who is thinking of getting a monster car but don’t know how to get one, here is the solution. To get a monster truck the first thing that you will have to do is to do a race. Yes, you will have to race for this car. However for this you can actually go for stock car races. To find Mr. Philips mission you will have to cover the Grand Senora Desert near the main airstrip  with Trevor. The moment you complete it the set of another marker will be unlocked followed with more GTA races. Here set of stock cars will get unlocked. However the Monster Truck will be your ultimate prize.

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