A ‘RPG’ or ‘Role-playing games’ is a genre of video games. Player needs to control a fictional character in a fictional world and complete the given tasks. Many RPG’s has same mechanism with different stories. The RPG genre of video games started in mid 1970s. RPG got it’s inspiration from pen-paper games, table top games, war stimulation games etc.

With the success of games, like Wizardry and Ultima, RPG diverged into two styles. Eastern RPG and Western RPG. 8t provides two modes for playing. First, single mode and second, multiplayer mode. Multiplayer mode gained it’s popularity in 1990s. At first, RPG were supposed to play on computer. But afterwards, video game consoles were developed for this. The earliest RPG on a console was Dragonstomper published in 1982.List of 90s RPG That Where Loved By The Gaming Community of Old Times

MMORPG is for multiplayer mode. Real life players from different places interact and work on a same mission at the same time. It mixes many sub genres from different games. It is more preferred by players.

Sub Categories of RPG

• Action RPG

• Strategy RPG

• Adventure RPG

List Of 90s RPG

1. Final fantasy IV

2. Xenogears

3. Super Mario

4. Shadow run

5. Shining Force II

6. Panzer Dragoon Saga

7. Earth Bound

8. Lunar: The SilverStar

9. Fallout

10. Fallout 2

11. Castle Vania

12. Baldur’s gate

13. Final Fantasy VII

14. Suikoden II

15. Lunar: eternal blue

16. Final Fantasy tactics

17. Phantasy Star IV

18. Planescape torment

19. Chrono trigger

20. Final Fantasy VIList of 90s RPG That Where Loved By The Gaming Community of Old Times

RPG are Gainng Popularity 

The best selling RPG is Pokémon. Sold ove 300 million units. Second best seller is Final Fantasy. Players prefer multiplayer games for PC RPG. World of war craft is among the best selling PC games with 11.5 million sold units.

The Dragon Quest series got six awards in Guinness Book of World Records gamer’s edition in 2008. This game is popular among kids and youngsters.

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