Levi Heaton and her Talent Scores Everything You Need To Know

Levi Heaton and her brother Charlie Heaton of Stranger Things fame form a dynamic talented duo. The two famous actor siblings are known for their respective brilliant performances. Charlie’s appearance in the hit series has made him a well-known figure already, however, Levi could be called an unsung hero in this department. She made her debut in the industry much before her brother. Her talent is no less than her currently shining brothers.

Levi’ Scoreboard

Levi has a lot of feathers on her cap. With her achievements, she could be called an all-rounder who has knowledge and experience in all the dimensions of entertainment. Her performances carry unmatchable energy and her eyes are full of zest while performing. She is by no means an underachiever.

  1. Levi is well known and highly applauded for her performances as Hannah Ferris in Fera (2015) and Sarah Martin in The Limehouse Golem (2016). 
  2. She has a Bachelors’s degree in Musical Theatre.
  3. Owing to her father’s musical background, she is not only a TV, movie, and theatre actress but a voice artist, singer, and instrumentalist as well.
  4. She is a graceful dancer and has mastered the dance forms- Jazz, Contemporary, and Hip-hop.
  5. Despite her brother’s popularity overshadowing hers, she is proud of him. Currently is busy with her upcoming project.

Levi keeps her fans updated about her new projects and next appearances through her Twitter handle.  She will soon make her appearance in her next project and her fans are all geared up for her power-packed performance once again. All the love this pair of siblings gets is well deserved. We are also excited to witness the magic Levi will create on our screens once again.

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