A meteor shower is a celestial event in which a number of meteors are observed to radiate from the sky coming from space. They come from space at high speeds, they are space junk and they come at parallel towards the atmosphere. The Leonid meteor shower occurs every year. This year it’s expected between 6th and 30th November with peak been 17th November morning or 3 am EST or 1.30 pm of 17th November in India.

Leonid Metoeor shower When To See

The term Leonid comes from the constellation Leo (the lion). to spot it you can look any direction in the sky, but from Leo side, it will be coming facing it will fail you to see the tails as you will not be able to see the meteor with longer tails. It will be very good visible for the Northern hemisphere but for the southern hemisphere, it will type of ok.

Leonid Meteor originates from the comet Temple-Tuttle which takes around 33 years to revolve around the sun and are bright and one of the fastest moving at speeds 71 km per second. this year it’s expected around 10-15 meteor shower per hour. As I have mentioned before it’s visible in India in the afternoon but in the USA it’s visible in the 17th morning at 1.30 am EST near midnight. will be visible for some hours. so fingers crossed if it is visible in some area’s in India in the evening as it’s winter and 5 pm some places have it dark. due to covid also pollution is significantly less so you can have a very good view in the sky today.

Leonid Meteor Shower On Its Peak: Where To Watch & When To Watch Know All The Details

How To See It And History Of Temple Tuttle

Well, you can directly see it In the sky from a terrace or from roads or any place with the naked eye. But if you want to look at the telescope also it’s good it will be very good to see.

Now Tempel Tuttle fits the classical definition of Halley type comment between 20-200 years discovered by Wilhelm Tempel (German) on December 19, 1865 and Horace Parnell Tuttle (American)on January 6, 1866.

Leonid Meteor Shower On Its Peak: Where To Watch & When To Watch Know All The Details

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