Lego themed action-adventure game ‘Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes‘ was developed by Traveller’s Tales back in 2012. The game is applicable on various platforms which includes Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Nintendo DS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X as well as iOS. Apart from this, the game has also been awarded with  BAFTA Games Award for Best Family and Social Game.

The game being action-adventure game is a daredevil in itself, therefor to make it even more interesting for you we have listed out all the cheat codes for various platforms on which the game is available.

Lego Batman Red Brick Code And Unlock Codes for PC, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360 & Vita

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Cheat Codes

Red Brick Code

  • Code: MNZER6, Effect: Attract Studs
  • Code: ZHAXFH, Effect: Beep Beep
  • Code: TPJ37T, Effect: Character Studs
  • Code: BWQ2MS, Effect: Disguises
  • Code: 4LGJ7T, Effect: Extra Hearts
  • Code: 7TXH5K, Effect: Extra Toggle
  • Code: TPGPG2, Effect: Fall Rescue
  • Code: MBXW7V, Effect: Gold Brick Finder
  • Code: LRJAG8, Effect: Minikit Finder
  • Code: RYD3SJ, Effect: Peril Finder
  • Code: 5KKQ6G, Effect: Red Brick Finder
  • Code: ZXEX5D, Effect: Regenerate Hearts
  • Code: 74EZUT, Effect: Studs x 2
  • Code: JN2J6V, Effect: Super Build
  • Code: JXN7FJ, Effect: Vine Grapples

Unlock Codes

  • Code: 9ZZZBP, Content: Clown Goon
  • Code: W49CSJ, Content: Lexbot
  • Code: ZQA8MK, Content: Mime Goon
  • Code: V9SAGT, Content: Policeman
  • Code: Q285LK, Content: Riddler Goon
  • Code: 95KPYJ, Content: Two-Face Goon
  • Code: C79LVH, Content: Harley Quinn’s Motorbike

Lego Batman 2 Unlockable Character Code

  • Code: Q285LK, Character: Riddler Goon

This adventurous Lego Batman 2 game features an open-world Gotham City featuring areas which includes Wayne Tower, Arkham Asylum and GCPD. Apart from this the game also features an original story incorporating numerous heroes and villains from the DC Universe.

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