Lauren Scruggs Glass Eye You Must Know

Lauren Scruggs Keneddy is an American fashion blogger who got media attention after December,2011 when she lost her left eye by walking into a spinning propeller. The actress was however fine after an year and all her injuries and eye were recovered but that left a deep impact on her life. She talked about her accident first time on the Today show.

We have got full details about the accident and Lauren’s personal life!

Lauren Scruggs: Personal Life

Lauren Scruggs in an American fashion blogger who made to the news headlines because of her accident in 2011. In May, 2014 she was engaged to Jason Kennedy and the couple got married in December 2014. She is a Christian and the proud founder of Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Foundation helping women in need by providing them prostheses.

Lauren Scruggs Glass Eye

She talked about her accident and her recovery from the mental and physical injuries in her book “Still Lolo: A Spinning Propeller, a Horrific Accident, and a Family’s Journey of Hope”, that was published in 2012. She released her second book titled “Your Beautiful Heart”, in March 2015.

Life Altering Accident

One night Lauren Scruggs accidently walked into a spinning plane propeller and suffered from some life changing injuries especially in her left eye. She was going to Dallas Areas to view the Christmas lights with her pilot friend and while exiting from the plane she walked into the blades due to the darkness.

Lauren Scruggs Glass Eye

“I remember on the night of boarding the plane, I had a fear.” Lauren Scruggs on the Today show.

Lauren was 24 when she faced the horrible accident. On the night of the accident the doctors told her family that she won’t be having a normal life again.

The recovery

Lauren made a remarkable recovery from the accident in less than a year, having a prosthetic hand and a glass eye. She talked about her journey and difficulties with a prosthetic hand and glass eye on the show. She also talked about how the injury impacted her mental health too.

Lauren Scruggs Glass Eye

She further talked about the hardest part being the loss of her hand as it changed her life and she had to learn new ways to get over the difficulties. She is a really strong women and talked about how the injury intensified her joy and compassion. She said how her husband still helps her in getting dressed with her prosthetic hand.

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