Latest Release of Anime Planet That you Should Definitely Check

Japanese animation has taken over the world and Anime is now on everyone’s watchlist. Anime-Planet.com is a fan-favorite platform for content discovery, crowd-sourced reviews, recommendations, and everything you need related to the anime world.

Here are few upcoming series of Anime Planet that you should definitely check:

  1. Horimiya: (8.7/10)

The protagonists are two very different people – an academically popular schoolgirl  Kyouko Hori and a distant loser schoolboy Izumi Miyamura – meet as classmates and develop a friendship. Hori spends most of her time taking care of her little brother and doing house chores, Miyamura on the other hand is very different and is portrayed as a rebellious boy with tattoos and piercings. Later after spending time together they learn about each other and become really good friends.The anime began airing on January 10, 2021 and is produced by animation studio CloverWorks. The show will consist of 13 episodes and definitely a binge worthy anime.

New series on anime net

     2. S2 Dr.Stone (8.3/10)

Dr.Stone is 2019 anime based on manga series produced by TMS entertainment. The is that after 3,700 years mysterious light turns every human on the planet into stone two bestfriends and on science genius fights to rival and work to rebuild the civilisation.  The first season was aired in July 2019 to December 2019 conisiting 24 episodes. Second season announcement was made after S1 finale only and it officially released on January this year and is ongoing it is based on the story of the “Stone Wars” arc from the manga series. Senku, the protagonist and his friends and Tsukasa’s forces will have a war against each other that is referred as the stone wars and Senku must win to execute their plan to save the people.

New series on anime net

     3. Wonder egg priority (8.3/10)

Another beautiful Japanese original series by CloverWorks that came this year is Wonder egg priority. The plot is that an AI Ooto is suffering from loss of her only best friend Koito Nagase, he committed suicide. Ooto is going through her post traumatic phase and feels absolutely alone and lost when she finds nothing to look forward to she follows instructions of an unknown entity and is instructed to buy a wonder egg. After buying it she fells asleep and a girl emerges from the egg and now she is given a task to given to save people going through tough times and are in sorrow and in this process she realising everyone has demons just like her best friend had and she wants to help them. It is a heartwarming story that you should watch, the show is currently airing.

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      4. Boruto: Naruto Next generations

Of course the list cannot end without this, Boruto is the son of famous anime ninja,Seventh Hokage Naruto Uzumaki. The Naruto series ended and now a new tale will start with Boruto i.e the next generation. The series will show the beginning of Boruto’s journey into the Ninja academy where he’ll be enrolled to learn all the new ways. And it’ll take you to the journey with unique challenges that Boruto will face as being the son the city leader wont be easy. It will be just as fun and emotional as Naruto so you must definitely check this.

New series on anime net

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