Latest Horror FNAF 2 memes You Must Watch

Many people love the horror genre. That’s why Horror genre games are really popular and fascinating among gamers. The Five Nights at Freddy’s series belongs to the horror theme game family. Here we are going to talk  about some interesting Five Nights At Freddy’s Memes created by their fans.

Chica’s Pie Is A Lie

fnaf 2 memes

The newly redesigned Chica already won people’s heart in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2.

You can see her haunting the main hall of the new and improved Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. You see her with her trusty cupcake. And you think oh! she is so sweet! No! It’s a trap!  She is simply taunting the player with her beloved confection.

This meme is the perfect description of her behaviour. Is that song Sweet but Psyco by Ava Max made for her? Maybe!

Infinite Death

fnaf 2 memes

In Coraline (animated film) you will see father spends his days wasting away in front of a computer, writing his next big story. And it is great content for memes. You just need creativity and the meme is ready! Daughter makes fun of her papa by asking if he is winning. On the computer screen, you see Vanny during her kill sequence shown in the Security Breach trailer. This girl knows what is SARCASM.

Sad Springtrap

fnaf 2 memes

Spring trap is a horrific monstrosity made up of an old Spring Bonnie suit. In this pic, you see him hauntingly sad about his face. Still, for a meme, it’s the best reaction. Most relatable meme. Anyone will relate to this meme even Spring trap. Spring trap you are not alone many of us are with us in this sorrowful state.

Freddy’s Socials

fnaf 2 memes

We all put some kind of mask on our social media. That’s why never trust someone based on their social media accounts. Even Freddy have different looks for every account. On LinkedIn, he is and professional and it’s perfect for Linked In Profile. On Facebook you see him having fun with friends and filters. On Instagram, you see his artsy side with the band. And in Tinder you see him as a solo act, baby.

Freddy is so smart. He is the perfect social media idol. Everyone nowadays are like that he is just making fun of us and we accept that it’s a fact in this meme.

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