Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, is an American talk show digging satirical jabs at the news airing all week. It is created by John Oliver, and it airs on HBO. So far, Oliver has delivered 7 successful shows. His show runs from February to November. This cycle is under its eighth lap right now. The eighth season went on air on 14th February 2021.

Each season is of 30 episodes and usually ends after exact 9 months. The last episode covered the topics of Afghanistan troops withdrawal and 2021 Taliban offensive, it was the last episode to be shot at Oliver’s house.

Season 8 Episode 23, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Release Date

The 23rd episode will be on our screens on the upcoming Sunday, i.e. 12th of September’ 2021. The topics of the discussion remain are rarely disclosed before the airing of the episode. As the show is based on current affairs, the script is formed within a week and hence is always fresh and exclusive.

Season 8 Episode 23, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Watch Here!

The most feasible way to watch the new episodes is to switch to the HBO channel on your devices. Or you can stream the channel live through Hulu app at 9pm. This is one of the few shows which is best watched live and the old episodes are not usually watched by the viewers. Primarily because of its theme which is ‘current affairs’. And as we know there is a new news to cover every day.

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