Land Of Lustrous Season 2 What Will it Happen, Release Date ,Potential Plot And Rumors

Land Of Lustrous or Hoseki no Kuni is a 2017 anime series adapted from a Japanese manga series of a similar title. The series is written by Takahiko Kyogoku and produced by animation studios Orange. The series was developed with excellent CGI and a compelling storyline. The series got popular among the audience and became one of the best series produced in a decade. 

Although the first season was splendidly interesting but left with various unpredictable facts and cliffs. These unresolved questions could only be answered in the next sequel and fans are eagerly waiting for it. 

Land Of Lustrous Plot 

Land of lustrous is an appealing fantasy TV series with engaging content where fans could relate to every character. The more you watch the series, the more you desire to know future happenings. The story takes place in the future when the earth is completely ruined by meteoroids, causing a change in the life and matter around it. A new race emerged that was immortal genderless beings with the weakest one was centered as the protagonist, Phos (Phosphophyllite).

Land Of Lustrous Season 2 What Will it Happen, Release Date ,Potential Plot And Rumors

Phosphophyllite was cast out by her community as she was weak but always wished to enter the battlefield. Since Phos was so enthusiastic but couldn’t be sent to war, the jewelry director offers her the responsibility of compiling an encyclopedia. She hesitates in the beginning but determines to give it a shot, which is where she meets Cinnabar, a brilliant gem assigned to guard the lonely island at night. 

When Phos realized that Cinnabar hate her job just as much as her, they decided to help each other and look for much suitable job and enter the battleground. 

Land Of Lustrous Season 2 : Release date

Undoubtedly, The first season was enthralling but left the fans with various doubts. These doubts are needed to be resolved to captivate the whole story hence the season 2 is much required. As of now, there is no official information regarding the renewal of season 2 but it is highly anticipated by the fans. 

Land Of Lustrous Season 2 : Expected Plot

Just Before the ending of season 1, Phos finds out about Kongo Sensei’s secret. In the next sequel, Phos will proceed investigation about Sensei and Lunarians and hopefully, many new characters would be introduced in season 2. During the fight with Lunarians, Phos might pretend to be unconscious to sneak onto the moon. But this move could cause her adverse consequences. 

Land Of Lustrous Season 2 : Rumors 

The popularity and reviews of the anime Land of lustrous are outstanding, and the audience is appealing for season 2 but still, there is no official note from Studio orange to revive the show. Although the fans are predicting season 2 to be released by 2022 but right now, we have no solid information.

Hopefully, makers will agree to renew it soon.

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