This guide shares information about a new geography-based gaming system to help eliminate confusion around the Mauritania Wordle games.

Do your favorite puzzle game, Wordle, appeals to you? Wordle is a geography-based game that can be used as a starting point for a new puzzle game.

The default gameplay of the game requires that players correctly guess the country’s names in six attempts.

A puzzle game published a riddle on April 15th with the answer Mauritania. People were confused by the solution and searched Mauritania.

Was the Riddle All About?

Worldle has published a riddle that was released recently. It was the 84th puzzle of the puzzle game .

  • It is an African nation
  • Ten letter country’s name
  • Rich in mineral resources
  • The begins with the letter M.

The correct answer was guessed by players based on clues i.e. Mauritania. Mauritania game.


Worldle is a daily riddle inspired by Wordle. In order to solve the riddles, players must know the name of the country.

The players get six attempts at guessing the correct country name. They also get hints as the tile color changes to indicate how correct they are.

The answer is Mauritania.

Does Mauritania Have Mauritania Game ??

There are no such games in Mauritania. Mauritania has the answer to a daily geography-based puzzle game called Worldle. Players need to identify the correct name.

Many people who have played the game have found the answer to the riddle in six attempts. Now, many people are searching for the game with the wrong term Mauritania.

This isn’t a game. Don’t confuse the solution with any other game.


Worldle is the daily puzzle game that has become a worldwide sensation.

People thought Mauritania was the solution to this riddle. Share your knowledge in the comments.


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