Know The Secret of Drake LaBry Relationship And Breakup Story

Drake LaBry and former American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert, have been spotted time and again together after the latter got out of the show. He had also been spotted on the sets of the show several time supporting him sitting next to Adam’s parents. Back then there were rumours of the two being paired up together a number of times, but the rumours flew off through sources that Drake is Adam’s best friend.

Want to get all the details about Drake and their relationship? Well, we are here delivering you that!

Drake LaBry

Drake LaBry has been connected alot of time with Adam Lambert. But before getting to know about them let’s get to know Drake Labry a little more.

Drake LaBry

Drake LaBry is from Louisiana and has a Cajun accent. He has been spotted at West Hollywood nightclubs like Guys And Dolls and shopping at Kitson. He works as an interior designer and a painter. He is down to earth. He has been inked on his arm and his chest with two love birds.

The paparazzi and media encounters are however a bit shocking to him as he has never experienced that in his lifetime. He is a travel bird and has been seen backpacking with friends in France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and Spain.


The relationship that was rumoured as friends was confirmed as a relationship. Adam Lambert was often debated by his fans for his sexuality. The rumours about their relationship were confirmed when they were spotted together leaving a West Hollywood Club, hand in hand.

After a few months for the rumours, they were seen together at Guys and Dolls and sources report that Drake LaBry would often come to Adam’s American Idol tapings. The couple often went to shopping and on trips together.

Drake LaBry

“It’s going well.” Adam on being apart from Adam for a tour.

The American Idol singer released his album in November. With his love life and work life being balanced things were quite good for him. He was spotted kissing Adam in car right in from of the paparazzi. Their openness and admiration towards each other had been admired totally.


The couple broke up after a long relationship. Sources confirmed that the breakup was mutual and they are still good friends and love each other. The relationship however ran out of course for the couple and so they decided on a mutual breakup.

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