Are you a pet owner? Is your dog a keen swimmer? If you answered yes, please read on. We will be discussing an important topic for all pet owners. You will feel chills reading today’s article about Kiddie Pool Mortality.

Recently, a TikTok clip went viral in the United States. It featured a Canadian woman telling the story about her dog to the rest of the world. The video was viewed 29,000 times worldwide. Continue reading the article, as it is very important.

What has happened to this dog?

Jessie, from British Columbia (Canada), recently lost her dog Winter, on 11 June. According to her TikTok clip, Winter was in the kiddie pool for approximately an hour. The pool had a water depth of only four inches. Jessie stated that Winter was drowned from intoxication. Soon, the TikTok TikTok clip about Dogs’ Death in Kiddie Pool became viral. This forced pet owners to rethink allowing their pets to use this kiddie pool.

More details

Jessie says that Winter was very playful and loved to run around. Winter had a great time playing with Jessie and taking a break from the pool. Jessie noticed Winter getting very tired. This is normal for a dog who has been outside on a sunny day. Jessie noticed that Winter began to pant heavily and his gums turned pale. She was unaware of what was coming. Jessie did not know Kiddie Pool Death.

Winter then wanted to go back into the house. After entering the house, however, he vomited lots of water. He then walked a few more steps, began to shake, salivate as well as whine.

Jessie, who is a health worker called the local vet immediately and started giving CPR to Winter. They quickly brought Winter to the vet hospital and tried to save him. They couldn’t save him. Winter was only 18 months old. The sudden death Winter caused was quite tragic.

Causes of the Kiddie Pool death 

The death was actually caused by water intoxication. Water intoxication can also be called hyperhydration, toxaemia and water poisoning. Water intoxication refers to a body that is overloaded with large amounts of water. It depletes an animal’s sodium levels. The body attempts to balance sodium levels, so cells consume a lot more fluid. This causes swelling.


Water intoxication is characterized by symptoms such as vomiting, bloating (drooling), dilated pupils and lack of coordination. You can find more information about drinking intoxication by clicking this link.

We hope that you are more aware of Kiddie Pool Death and you won’t make the same mistake again.

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