On April 10th, Kid Cudi paid tribute to the legendary singer and songwriter, Kurt Cobain while his performance on Saturday Night Live, Cudi wore a floral dress.

Cudi’s tribute to NBA player:

  • So, during the show Cudi performed his song, “Sad people” wearing a floral dress by Off white, a similar dress worn by Kurt Cobain in his days in 1993 for the cover of the magazine “The Face”, so it was an honor to the Nirvana’s singer.
  • Cudi confirmed the tribute on a tweet on Sunday saying it was his honor to the singer and that beautiful dress was created by Virgil Abloh, CEO of Off White.

Kid Cudi Pay Tribute to Kurt Cobain in 'SNL'

  • Kudi also announced that he’s doing a full collaboration on a collection with Virgil and Off White and this dress will be a part of the collection.
  • The singer also wore a green cardigan bearing a resemblance to what Nirvana’s frontman, Kurt wore for Nirvana’s famous MTV unplugged 1993, for his performance on his song “Tequila shots”.
  • And adding to this Kudi even paid his tribute and recognition to the late Chris Farley who was the SNL legend by wearing a T-Shirt with Farley on it.

Kid Cudi Pay Tribute to Kurt Cobain in 'SNL'

The message behind the tribute:

  • This episode of SNL aired on the same week as the 27th anniversary week of Kurt’s death in 1994.
  • Kurt Cobain committed suicide at the age of 27, on April 5, 1994, and the late comedian Chris Farley died of drug overdose at age 33 in 1997, this was Kudi’s way of reminding people of these legends with the message of spreading awareness about mental health and suicide prevention and spreading love in the community.
  • Kudi has previously shared Kurt being his inspiration and how his music has impacted him and his life, he even got a tattoo last year of Cobain.
  • The singer also wanted to embrace what Cobain believed in his years and was often disgraced for it like wearing a dress, Kudi’s idea behind this was also to embrace the things which are normal but society doesn’t allow it and sometimes it suppresses the ideas and freedom of any individual, It is all about being more understanding.

This tribute was genuinely beautiful.

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