This article explains everything about the terrible tragedy that occurred at Keppel Shipyard.

Did you know about the horrific incident that occurred at Keppel shipyard? Two people were killed in this terrible accident, according to reports. Because it was so horrible, Singapore residents were shaken. The ministry is investigating the incident and has instructed Keppel Shipyards Tuas stop all work related to the vessel’s structural components.

The tragic fate of a youngster will be explained to our readers in this article on Keppel Shipyard Tuas. Please read this post to learn more.

What happens in Keppel Shipyard

Two employees died in a recent accident at the shipyard of Singapore’s Keppel Corp. After falling from a Tuas shipyard’s ship dockyard, the two men, both aged in their thirties, were believed to have died on the spot.

According to Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower , they were among three men who were working on scaffolds at the ship’s collapse. According to the ministry, the third worker, a Bangladeshi man aged 25 years, could hold onto the structure, and was saved from the wreckage by the shipyard’s emergency team.

The victim, aged 42, was reportedly employed by Keppel Port. Veekee Engineers employed the other two men. One of three people were building a scaffold to surround a portion of the 51 Pioneer Sector 1 parked ship.

What Investigations Are Being Made By The Government?

In this Keppel Shipyard accident , The building suddenly collapsed around 10 p.m., throwing the workers and a section of the vessel’s scaffold. The couple were found dead by officers shortly after 10.30 pm. MOM claims that the third employee from Bangladesh was able hold onto the building. The shipyard’s emergency response team helped him and took him to Ng Teng Fong Health Centre where he received outpatient treatment.

The ministry withheld the data so that it was not possible to determine the exact number of industrial fatalities.

The Keppel Shipyard Accident

MOM issued a statement Tuesday saying that the 42 year-old worker’s employer was Keppel Shipyard. It also owns Keppel Offshore and its Marine division. Veekee Engineering employed two of the others.

The MOM is investigating the situation and has instructed Keppel Shipyard that they will stop any work on the vessel’s structures. Still ongoing police inspections. There are no signs that there has been any wrongdoing. Keppel Shipyard workers expressed deep regret for the unfortunate events.


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