This article discusses the Joshua Graves Obituary case which was popular on the internet. The accused was shot by police and later died.

Who is Joshua, exactly? How did he pass away? This name has been searched by many users. The case is gaining popularity. People from countries like Canadaand the United States have been noted to be most curious.

Continue reading about the Joshua Graves Obituary to find out what the investigations reveal.

Who is Joshua Graves?

Joshua Graves was 21 years old and was shot to death by three police officers. If investigations are correct, Joshua refused to throw his knife during the assault as a retaliation. His obituary appeared right after his death.

Joshua Graves was allegedly accused of criminal harassment and assault. He allegedly stalked a schoolmate, a woman for four long years on a regular basis.

According to the allegations, Joshua Graves Ottawa used and attempted to follow her. These claims, however, remain unproven.

Joshua’s release order reveals that he was meant to live with Emily Graves starting from now. He was previously living on Anoka street with his father, who was also his bailor.

Emily Graves said in her statement that she has an anxiety disorder from which she was starting to get treatment. Graves also felt that her son was quite lost and out of touch with reality.

Catherine Ready’s role in the Joshua Graves Obituary

Catherine, the 19-year old eldest daughter of the Ready family, survived the knife stabbing and was also saved by the bullets fired by police officers. Joshua was accused of following, stalking and harassing Catherine Ready.

According to investigation reports, Graves was asked by his relatives to stop stalking Catherine after he expressed unusual interest.

While the officers were out patrolling the area, Graves was seen stabbing Catherine Ready. Joshua Graves refused to place his knife down multiple times when asked by police officers.

Did Joshua Graves Ottawa avenge anyone?

Graves was then forbidden to have any contact whatsoever with Catherine. He appeared in court for his first crime commitments, just three days after the stabbing incident. He was also taken into custody for a prior charge, and released the next day.

Numerous facts related to the case are still unknown and unproven. Any factual information readers find from any official source is open to modification.


Joshua, a young Canadian boy, was accused for harassing and stalking Catherine Ready over several weeks. Joshua Graves Obituary He was found in the act of stabbing Catherine using a knife and was shot by three officers. That was the exact moment he lost his own life.


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