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This exploration on Jing Tian Outrage will refresh the perusers on the viral update on Jing Tian and Zhang Jike. Sympathetically read about it here.

Do you know the new update on Chinese entertainer, Jing Tian? For what reason are Jing and her ex, Zhang Jike in news? Individuals in the Philippines and Vietnam are examining a great deal about Jing Tian Outrage as she has been the survivor of her ex’s mistakes. Yet, what is the truth? To have a deep understanding of the new update on Jing Tian and Zhang Jike, generously read this post till the end.

Was Jing Tian Video Spilled By Her Previous Beau?

As per online sources, Jing Tian who is a well known entertainer in China is in the news since her previous beau, Zhang Jike who is a gold medalist in the Olympics has released her close recordings to his loan boss. Zhang Jike is the best on the planet of Table Tennis and won a gold decoration threefold. A few web-based sources uncovered that he has released the photos and recordings since he owed 5,000,000 yuan. He couldn’t satisfy his wagering obligations and consequently, he vowed to give him Jing’s recordings to cover his obligations.

According to online sources, Jing Tian Outrage is moving on the grounds that Jing has been the casualty of this blackmail. The lender even requested RM 14.1 mil from Jing.

How did this matter become exposed?

A few internet based media reports showed that a writer found every one of the subtleties connected with wagering obligations by Zhang Jike. The reports were distributed on Beijing News and it was uncovered that the writer, Li Weiao, introduced the total report about their relationship and how much cash did he owe. He additionally introduced that the team had dated each other from Walk 2018 to 2019 (June). Yet, they headed out in different directions later.

As per Jing Tian Outrage, Jing Tian had later informed to police about this coercion. Subsequently, the leaser was taken under authority and he was fined 50,000 yuan, and detained for a considerable length of time. The insightful columnist gave all realities on the web and these realities are genuine and in view of genuine subtleties.


Summarizing this post, we have given all subtleties connected with this outrage. The perusers can look for additional subtleties on Zhang Jike and Jing Tian here. We support no criminal behavior like wagering either for joy or for cash.

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