Mens puffer jackets are in right now and they basically style themselves! Winters are getting colder with each passing day, and jackets have become necessary for warmth and to make a style statement. Mens puffer jackets can keep you warm while giving you incredibly instagrammable pictures. You will find a wide collection of mens puffer jackets online, and it could get confusing to figure out the best ways to style them without looking like you tried too hard. So, we are here with a mens puffer jacket styling guide showing you 7 cool puffer jacket trends to brave the winters. Follow this guide and find your favourite mens puffer jacket online so you can stay warm, feel comfortable, and look stylish.

1. High Top Sneakers

Try pairing mens puffer jackets with joggers and high-top sneakers for a cool streetwear look. A monochromatic look will enhance your whole aesthetic with this combination and take you to far away lands as if you belong. Pair your black t-shirt with black joggers, black high-top sneakers, and a black men’s cap. Accessorise with a chest or waist bag if you are travelling. You could try this exact look in other monochromatic colours like beige, white, grey, blue, red, and green. Neutral and classic colours with matching or contrasting high-top sneakers will give you an enhanced style while keeping you warm.

2. Padded Vests

Pair your full or half-sleeved t-shirts with men’s padded puffer vests for days chilly enough for a vest but not for a jacket. Break your beige or black monochromatic look with a bright red men’s puffer vest so you can blend in yet stand out as per your liking. Padded vests look great with crew neck half-sleeved t-shirts or full-sleeved t-shirts. Try pairing your colour block t-shirts with all-over prints or graphics on the sleeves with your puffer vest for extra brownie points.

3. A Full Pop of Colour

The modern Indian man does not just survive on classic and neutral colours. As cool as black, white, grey, beige, tan, and green colours are, now Indian men also experiment with bright, fresh, and beautiful colours like red, yellow, orange, etc. Pair your white and yellow shorts with a yellow t-shirt and multi-coloured sneakers, and add on a yellow, white, and black puffer vest for a bright and stylish pop of colour to your usually neutral wardrobe. Also, pair your bright outfit with fun colours, prints, and graphics with a simple black mens puffer jacket to neutralise the rest of your look and still keep your aesthetic fun.

4. Keep it Simple; Choose Black

No one can be wrong with black. Black puffer jackets for men are the most commonly found men’s jackets out there. You can match or contrast your outfits and move around comfortably and trendily wherever you go. Pair your black track pants with a black half-sleeved t-shirt, black mid-top sneakers, black compression socks, black men’s beanie, and a full-sleeved men’s black puffer jacket to warm up your muscles before getting started at the gym. If you are going out with friends, pair your black jeans with a black t-shirt with an all-over futuristic graphic print, black men’s slides, and a black puffer jacket for a simple yet head-turner look.

5. Men’s Joggers for a Comfy Vibe

Men’s joggers are the coolest, trendiest, and easiest-to-style pants for men. They look great with crew neck t-shirts, polo t-shirts, and inner vests. So, pair your men’s grey joggers with a grey half-sleeve inner vest and a yellow padded jacket for men. Wear your yellow and grey sneakers with grey socks folded down to your ankles, loosely fitting over your joggers. Take a chest bag with you to secure your belongings for a bike ride or enjoy a cold winter hike.

6. Office Formals

Office formals or semi-formals are tough to style in the winter since, as a community, we are past the point of proudly wearing bulky woollen sweaters. If you want something warmer than a leather jacket that makes you look and feel just as cool, try pairing your officewear with a lightweight mens puffer jacket. With a vast collection of these jackets in varied styles, colours, and levels of warmth and comfort, you will be spoiled for choice when choosing the right jacket. Look at your office wardrobe, do you mostly wear pastel or neutral colours? Then pair your office outfits with a bright yellow or red puffer jacket. It will give your outfits a nice colourful lift. However, if you wear brighter shirts or t-shirts to work, wear more neutral and classic coloured puffer jackets like black, white, or multi-coloured combinations of these colours with bright colour blocks.

7. Traditional Indian Wear

Winter season also means wedding season, and with weddings getting fancier now, everyone is determined to make a comfortable style statement. Wedding outfits are no more about discomfort for women and are all about cool styles for men. With outdoor sangeets, mehendi, and reception events, warmth is as important as style at these weddings or wedding events. So, pair your beige and blingy sherwani with a chic green men’s puffer vest so you can continue to fit in with the other guests while functioning comfortably and performing your best – may it be as a performer at the sangeet or as a best man with duties. If you are wearing a nice black pathani salwar and kurta for men, pair it with a black puffer jacket and choose one with vibrant colour blocks to break the monochromatic black look.

You can find mens puffer jacket online, they are no more bulky and ugly affairs. They are lightweight, moisture-wicking, and as stylish as jackets come. A well-fitting puffer jacket will fit you just right on your shoulders – the shoulder lines on the jacket will align with your shoulder bones. A good mens puffer jacket will seamlessly take you from the gym to a chilly brunch, all the way to an airport and a cool vacation. So, do think about at least having one in your wardrobe.


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