Do you need a place to sell your old sneakers? Are you looking to buy a wide range of clothing and accessories or sell your sneakers? Information about the portal will be helpful in both cases.

Today’s article will focus on the genuineness and functionality of a recently developed shopping portal. Customers from all parts of the world want to learn more about this store, including those from the United States. Please read the entire article to find out is Yezshop Scam and Legit.

Is Yezshop a Trustworthy Shop?

It is a good idea to read the following details before you decide to browse this portal’s products. To make it easier for you to shop at this store, we have done extensive research online.

  • Platform Oldness This website has been online for eight days. This portal was created by developers on 8 August 2022.
  • Website Trust Index1% is a Very Bad Trust Score.
  • Linking To Social Media – This portal has no social media connections.
  • Rank on the Database of Alexa –2410980. This is a very poor ranking.
  • Yezshop reviews There is no section where you can review items.
  • The trustfulness of contact particulars – Both the address and the pinned map location look like a retail center per Web. But, it cannot be verified with this store name. Additionally, the domains used for e-mails do not exist.
  • Ambiguity in the About Us SegmentOne line of this section states that the platform sells unused products. However, the next paragraph says that the portal produces customized products. The platform’s year of creation is incorrectly listed as 2018.

These details show mistrust for this site. The newness of the site makes it unfair to comment or Legit.

What is Yezshop

Yezshop is an online shopping site that sells second-hand but unused brand footwear and clothing. As per the About Us section, it might also be able to sell custom-made accessories.


  • Type of Website – An Online Shopping Platform.
  • Digital Address of Platform –
  • Warehouse Location –320W Kimberly Rd Davenport IA, 52806, United States
  • Telephone Number – Not given.
  • E-mail – [email protected], [email protected]; these domains are non-existent, addressing your question Is Yezshop Scam or Legit.
  • Linking with Social Media –Absent
  • Cost of Goods-Given to USD
  • Sorting Options and Filtering Options –Absent
  • Privacy Policy – Written
  • Payment Methods –PayPal. Visa, MasterCard, JCB and MasterCard credit cards.
  • Refunds and Returns Guidelines – These regulations do not apply to items that are credited refunds.
  • Terms, Conditions and Not mentioned.
  • Shipping details – Delivery takes seven to nine business days. For free shipping, orders must be $35 in value. The delivery fees for general deliveries are not mentioned.


  • The images of the items have a stunning quality and resolution.
  • All details of the product have been clearly stated by the team.

Cons Discussing Was Yezshop Scammed or Legit

  • The Covid-19 quick link does not work.
  • There are not options to sort or filter the items.
  • The designers have not provided the phone number for the team.
  • This platform is brand new and is therefore difficult to trust.
  • The listed address is that for a retail centre, but there is no proof of ownership.
  • The domains of neither the e-mail IDs are valid.
  • Because there is no social media link, customers might be skeptical about exploring this platform.
  • The About Us section incorrectly states the year of establishment. In this section, the dealings of this store are also ambiguous.

Yezshop Reviews

No citation has been found on any of the notable review forums for this store, its product, or its services. This makes it unlikely that it is a reliable site. The designers have not provided feedback or allowed customers to review the products. This means that there is no way to get feedback from buyers about the originality of the portal. We recommend you to read how to Get Back Your Money from PayPal, if you are being scammed.


Based on this analysis, it seems that this website appears dubious. However, it is not easy to declare Is Yezshop Scamm or Legit in regards to the recency and use of this store. We ask you to read How to Get Money Refund on Credit Card in order to protect it.


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