Is the PMP exam hard?

Project Management Professional, in short, PMP is the leading exam conducted for project management certification. The exam will have 180 multiple choice questions, which will test your skill in project management. Many individuals who want to apply to this certification course say that PMP is very difficult to crack. Is it So? Let’s discuss in this article the exam’s difficulty and more info on its preparation.

PMP Exam Preparation 

As you know, the contents and areas on which the exam will be conducted. Let us analyse the difficulty level of the examination. More info regarding the paper’s outline is divided into three parts: Domain, Tasks and Enablers. Each of the parts needs special attention while preparing for it.

  • The domain includes the major high-level areas on which the paper tests your skill as a Project manager.
  • Tasks define the responsibility of how a project manager undertake a job. 
  • Enablers are like the guide for the tasks area, which provides some illustrative examples regarding the work of a project manager.

Each of these requires skill-based preparation. The questions that appear in PMP will not be as straightforward as you expect to see in any other competitive exams. For more info: A query may be in the form of a line graph where you have to estimate specific data points or in the form of a table where you need to pick up and include the right option. This is the main reason why some applicants consider the PMP exam as a hard one. But it isn’t an average of 35-40 hours of preparation that is enough to crack the exam. All you need to do is focus on the primary syllabus, which includes domains such as People, which will be around forty-two per cent, Process is, approximately fifty per cent, and Business environment is around eight per cent.

More Info on Guide for the exam 

If you are a fresher and don’t know about the contents and areas on which the questions come for the exam, don’t worry. Apply for some good and established courses, online or offline. You don’t need to get distracted from the crowd about an essential question of whether PMP is hard or easy. That doesn’t matter if you have started your prep in the right direction.

The primary aim of Project Management Professional is to test your skills and knowledge about how to get things well as a project manager. So the exam plays a crucial role to identify the skill set in you. If you want more information regarding the exam or other factors, you can search it online or take consultations from the experts in this field. 

Tips for the final exam day of PMP  

The D -day plays a vital role in your aim of getting a certification course. Here are the three things for more information you have to do on D – the day before going to the exam 

1. Keep Calm: There will be many factors that will affect you on D –day, for example: Whether I will be able to answer all the questions? What if I miss some points? Etc. You don’t have to mind such things as this isn’t the nature of your course. Keep Calm and give your exam

2. Revise the main Points: Before the commencement of the exam, read the main points you marked while studying for it. It may come in your exam as an objective type or similar questions in a graph.

3. Maintain a positive approach: The positive approach factor is most important in the exam. The certification doesn’t need a candidate who mugs up the answer, but they need a candidate who has the right positive approach in applying the skill in the exam.


What is Hard and what isn’t is a very subjective question. If you are among the ones who made a proper timetable and started your preparation in the right way, then no exam can be challenging for you. The main thing that questions you in PMP is the application of the skill to answer the question. Proper guidance and a required skill set are enough for attaining the solution for 180 questions in the exam. Therefore “be calm and remember PMP is never a hard exam”.

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