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Is Sofobw Scam Legitimacy Criteria for the Platform:

Online furniture ordering is your preference? Is Sofobw a legit online platform? What do you get from this online portal? This article will provide some clarifications for readers who are interested in exploring the Sofobw reaches.

Sofobw is an online furniture selling platform that is based out of the United States. However, it has gained popularity in Canada as well as other countries. This article contains headers that answer Is sofobw a scam . These headers will reveal whether or not the website is safe for you to place orders.

Legitimacy Criteria for the Platform:

Online platforms are often authenticated to determine if they are safe to order from. Sofobw is an internet portal that sells furniture. All the details are listed in the headers. Scroll down to the points to learn all.

  • Domain Age of the Platform: Sofobw was created eight months ago. It expires on 13 September 2022.
  • Sofobw reviews: There are no portal or website links that direct to the same.
  • Information for the Portal Owners: Sofobw’s contact number and address are missing.
  • Social Media Accounts: Unfortunately, we are unable to retrieve the social media accounts for this website.
  • Trust Score for Sofobw is: Its trust score is below 10%. This means that the same has higher risks.
  • Name for the Portal
  • Policies for the Portal – Some important facts are missing.

Is Scam – The Portal’s Basic Details:

These authenticity indicators have given us an idea of the website’s security. Let’s see what the site does and some other details. There are many options available on the website for patio furniture sets sales, patio conversation sets as well as patio bar dining sets, sectionals or patio bistro sets.

All products listed on the website come at a discount of more than 50%. Some products also have measurements. You can see Are Sofobwscam answers by scrolling down to the specifications.

Specifications of Sofobw

  • Website: Get patio furniture sets, and related products at great prices.
  • URL:
  • Contact Number: Unknown on the platform
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: No details found.
  • Shipping Time: This depends on your destination.
  • Shipping Cost: No information found.
  • Delivery: It all depends on where you are located.
  • Returns/Refunds: This policy offers a 14-day return period.
  • Cancellation Policy: Can be requested prior to shipment.
  • Payment Methods: VISA/JCB, Discover/Diners Club, Master Card.

This information will help you gain a better view of the site. Sofobw wants to get an impartial view of Is Sofobw a Scam.

The Platform’s Positive Aspects:

  • Sofobw allows customers to pay using multiple payment methods
  • Customers have the option to cancel orders at any time via the website’s cancellation policy.

Negative Aspects of the Portal:

  • The website domain name and website name will be different.
  • A platform registration allows for the creation of an email with a third-party address.
  • We do not provide any details on the shipping, returns or refund policy of this website.
  • We are unable to provide delivery information for this portal.
  • You will not find contact details for the portal on the platform.

Sofobw reviews:

The website reviews we discuss in this article have been missing. This website has been operational for eight months but still hasn’t received any reviews from its customers. This is suspicious because it hasn’t yet recorded any sales or the customers haven’t rated the orders.

Similar websites can be vulnerable to multiple scams, including HTML3_ PayPal Scams HTML3_ and other threats. Before placing an order, ensure you review all information on the website.

Final Verdict:

We’ve looked into all details of the website regarding Is Scam answers and can conclude that the platform appears suspicious. It is not possible to find any reviews on the website, nor is the social media presence.

For more information, please visit the Website for Sofobw. Leave your comments below about this article.

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