The Is Pineapplz Scam article will inform you about the legitimacy of the products, pros, and cons. You’ll also learn about other interesting facts.

Are you looking for useful products to help you live your day? could be the place you are looking for the product that you require. Apart from the United States residents, online shopping is also popular amongst other countries.

Pineapplz has amazing products at a very affordable price. These products can be ordered online from your home. The availability of products, legitimacy of the website, pros and cons, as well as pros and cons will help you to determine Is Pineapplz a Scam.


  • Creation on 16 October 2013, at10.15:11
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  • – Age : 7 years, 17 months, and 14 days
  • Trust received a Trust Index 40%
  • Where is it from?
  • Connection uses a HTTPS protocol for security purposes
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The Brief of Pineapplz, an online shop, offers many products. You can find everything from trendy clothes to a pen on the site. This online shop is available to fulfill all of your needs. This website is ideal for those who are looking to purchase a unique range of products. Some of the items on the site have been listed below:

  1. Cartoon Pattern Magnetic Buckle Color Page Notebook
  2. Sticker Tape Cute Cartoon Notebook and Gift Box Set.
  3. Occident and The US Rhinestones
  4. Korean Cute Transparent Pencil Case Cute
  5. Carbon Planet Exploration Side Sliding Pen
  6. Metal A5Multifunctional Writing Board
  7. Fashion Children’s Clothing Summer Print
  8. Fashion Boy Short Sleeved
  9. Fashion Pullover Two Piece Casual Wear Cute

As online fraud is quite common, you must confirm Is Pineapplz Scamfirst. While online shopping makes our lives easier, it can also pose a threat to our safety. To ensure you are able to identify genuine services, it is important that you not only search for the products but also verify the legitimacy of the website. The website’s legitimacy can be found by looking at the reviews.


  • Buy products used in kitchen or sports:
  • Email Address : This email address is not available on the site
  • Social Media Links: Not available
  • Prices:US$ 33.34 – US$ 42.48
  • Physical Address:Not accessible on the website
  • Customer Reviews & Blogs: There is no customer review available
  • Pineapplz Reviews on Tracking: No details found
  • Terms, Conditions andMentioned at the website
  • Privacy policy:Available online
  • Phone No: Not available
  • Store Locator: does not feature a store locator.
  • Help and FAQ:Available from
  • Delivery policy:Unspecified at
  • Shipping Policy at
  • Return policy:Unspecified on
  • Unspecified Policy on Refunds at
  • NewslettersNot supported


  • offers items all over the globe
  • Within 24 hours of receiving your order, the items will be dispatched
  • offers many products.
  • provides the best service and products on the market.

Cons deciding Is Pineapplz Scam or Legit

  • Reliable websites do not allow customers to leave reviews.
  • Customers can’t find the website because it isn’t on social media.
  • It has a history of delivering items that do not match what was ordered.
  • Google Maps is not able to pinpoint contact addresses, even though some complain.

Customer reviews

It is common to read reviews from other customers before purchasing any product. It helps us learn more about the sellers and products. You will find useful information on the site through these reviews.

Customers have doubts about Pineapplz’s customer reviews and are also asking Is Pineapplz Scam. Customers are also having trouble due to their inability to be present on social media platforms likeFacebook, Twitter and Youtube. Avoid Credit Card Scams When purchasing any item from .


Insufficient information on the website makes it difficult to shop any item. It is therefore not recommended that anyone use this website. It is outdated.


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