Are you looking for a Halloween sales? We are referring to a website offering Halloween clothes. This website is well-known to American buyers. But buyers want to know if the website is Kauliy Scammed or Legit.

In the following discussion, we will examine its essential points in order to assess its worthiness. Let’s read on.

Source: – is a valid domain

  • The domain is currently 2-months-old and was created on 10/08/2022
  • The domain trust count is 2.5%
  • It is not necessary to provide a valid phone number or mobile number for the developer.
  • The domain creator doesn’t mention the physical address of the store.
  • We did not find any social media logos on their official or unofficial pages.
  • The domain was placed at #2633523 in the global ranking platform.
  • Are frequent purchasers’ Kauliy Reviews tracked? No
  • The name of the domain holder is hidden by the development.
  • To read each policy, individual pages will be kept.
  • We discovered a 14-day refund policy.
  • After proper inspection, a refund may be granted.

What is’s definition?, the fastest ecommerce selling platform, offers Halloween products. The domain allows you to purchase Halloween hoodies, jackets bottoms coats, jackets, bottoms, coats, tees and other apparel. There are many Halloween patterns available, which will make you stand out from the rest.

This page will allow you to explore many different Halloween outfits. But before you invest even one dollar, it is important to understand Is Kauliy Scam? or Legit.

Specification by

  • Type domain- The domain is designated as the busy fabric industry.
  • A variety of goods- All Halloween printed T shirts, bottoms, etc.
  • The domain was created on –10/08/2022
  • This domain will expire on-10/08/2023
  • Domain URL–
  • Email Id[email protected]
  • Ring up on– Your contact number is missing
  • Official address – It’s not mentioned on the domain
  • Transport strategy7 to 14 days.
  • Delivery Terms-It uses DHL and UPS to ship your order.

According Kauliy Reviews . Read its paybacks

  • The domain has a range of Halloween clothes.

Drawbacks in domain-

  • The contact number and physical address are not correct.


The ecommerce domain is not well-developed and does not provide many details. Because of the absence of a web page on social media, no reviews were received. It raises trust issues. Read What You Need to Know About PayPal Scams.


Analysis of Is Kauliy Scam? or Legit found that two percent of the trust score was acquired by the site.


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