Is GTA Online Cross Platform? Everything You Want to Know

One feature that is the most popular one among today’s generation is CrossPlay. However the third best selling game GTA series does not support Cross play function and is limited to a single platform.

GTA online not being a Cross Platform: What does that mean?

Is GTA Online Cross PlatformCross Play basically allows the players to play the game on different platforms sporting with other players. Which means that the players using Xbox can play with the PS4, PC or many other platforms user. Not only this feature helps in making new matches and making the game excitement but this feature also offers many challenges to make it even more interesting. Although, GTA online not being a Cross Platform the game does not offer these features. Further the game being released recently on PS5 with the Standalone title this clearly shows that there is still time for the game to come up with the cross-play feature.

Will GTA Online have any chances of becoming Cross-Play?

Is GTA Online Cross PlatformIf the game gets updated with this Cross Play feature in future, this will result in tougher lobbies as the keyboard and mouse is unmatched. However the players using PC prefer slight upper-hand at the time of combat in any game. Further more this feature will also be beneficial for the players who are looking for tough challenges. However this will help them in increasing the stakes and competing with their level up opposition. Also, enabling this feature might result in syncing the player’s progress across other platforms.

Is GTA Online Cross PlatformWell, if we talk about the players, they are already looking forward for GTA Online to feature cross play function. And somewhere or the other it is obvious for the players to hope for the feature to come as this feature is something which is the most popular one among today’s generation. However, if we talk about official announcement of this update, there is no comments regarding this has been made by the Rockstar Games up till now.

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