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Is Bippiesshop Scam Or Legit :- Cons

You are looking for unique and beautiful home decor, soft toys, candles, and candles with calming scents? Or kitchen utilities and storage that are designed specifically for you. has just launched in the United States. Did you find out about customer reviews and authenticity of Bippiesshop?

We have complete information about so you can decide if it is a scam or legitimate.

Is Bippiesshop Legit?

  • Bippiesshop was established on 19-October-2022.
  • Its Country-of-Origin(CoO) is Tempe, USA.
  • Bippiesshop’s trust score is 1%
  • Bippiesshop has a Domain Authority of 2/100.
  • Its is valid for the next 6 months and has an SSL certificate.
  • Bippiesshop has been given a suspicion score 7%. It has a 47% threat score, 47% phishing score, 28% malware score, and 13% spam score.
  • Website ranked 1,428,292 on Alexa.
  • Bippiesshop’s expiry dates are 19th October 2023 (short-lived).

Brief: has been online since 1997. It has 65 products, from the random category.

  • 43 Candles,
  • 4 home decors
  • 10 kitchen appliances and
  • 8 soft toys

Bippiesshop reviews has decided to exclude a mission declaration. For orders above $20 in the US or orders above $59 in the rest of world, free shipping is possible. The shipping fee for the US is $3.99 while the cost for the rest is $59.00.


  • Buy soft toys and utilities at
  • The physical address was not given.
  • Contact number: +1(831)2054664
  • [email protected] – This is a real customer service email.
  • Bippiesshop’s privacy and terms of service are clearly explained.
  • Bippiesshop takes two business days to process an order. Should you check Is Bippiesshop Legit or Scam?
  • Orders are usually delivered within 10 days in the US and 15 days worldwide.
  • Bippiesshop accepts returns within 14-days.
  • Within three business days, the refunds are processed.
  • You can cancel within 24 Hours of receiving the shipment or earlier.
  • Bippiesshop offers ShopPay and GlobalPay payments in USD


  • Bippiesshop’s user interface is friendly and offers filtering, sorting and searching options.
  • You can save more than 70% on your purchase through the website
  • Bippiesshop supports FAQ and newsletters


  • Some product specifications are missing for a few items
  • Bippiesshop lets you order unlimited quantities of the same item
  • Bippiesshop is offering unbelievable discounts

Customers Bippiesshop Reviews :

Bippiesshop has been reported to use an in-house review system. Bippiesshop has been criticized by four websites and three videos. This suggests that it may be a fraud.

Bippiesshop is yet to post product reviews. Bippiesshop did not have any social media reviews. learn more about PayPal diddles to avoid Internet scams.

Conclusion: has not provided any customer acknowledgment of receiving their delivery. did not score well on trust. It also scored poorly on business, DA and Alexa profiles. It scored well on malware, threat, and phishing profiles.

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