iPhone 13 to feature ‘refined matte back’

Smartphone giants, Apple Inc. are going to release iPhone 13 and some of its new features and design have already been leaked in a youtube video by ‘EverythingApplePro‘ and also from a prominent leaker ‘Max Weinbach‘. Apple is famous for its secretive tech announcement and it’s a guess that they will follow their previous announcement date pattern and will be launching their new iPhone 13 on September 2021. Here are some exclusive details of the new features and design of the yet-to-be-released iPhone 13 that you can look forward to.

Coming up with a New Design and Features

iPhone 13 to feature 'refined matte back'

In the video, we can see that most of the features and designs are the same as that of the iPhone 12 but what’s different from iPhone 12 is that the matte back of the new iPhone 13 will be more ‘refined’ which means, it will be more texturized which will offer the user to have a better grip to hold the smartphone. It is assumed that it will be like a soft matte, which is the same as the Google Pixel Phone.

Other than that, A new feature that is similar to the iPad Pro which they bring to their new iPhone 13 is the ‘high refresh rate 120Hz ProMotion display technology’. Apple has also added a new technology that is, ‘LTPO technology’ that will help the new iPhone 13 to have an ‘always-on display’ which is seen similar to an Apple Watch. It is said that the always-on display will have minimal customizability and their current display looks like a toned-down lock screen with clock and battery charge being always visible and notification will be displayed by a bar and icons as it will be displayed just like it is used to, except in the new iPhone 13 notifications will appear in on the screen dimmed down and only temporally and will not entirely light-up the lock-screen.

New features in the Camera Section

iPhone 13 to feature 'refined matte back'

Every year when Apple launches a new iPhone, they improve their phone camera and this year is no special as there have been some notable new features displayed in the new iPhone 13 as they have added a newly improved ‘wide lens’ that goes from six-piece to a five-piece. Currently, The lens is said to be of lower quality but it will eventually improve as works are still going on.

Another new feature added to the iPhone 13 camera is the long-awaited ‘Portrait Mode Video’ as Apple developers were working on it for some time and now are ready with the new and improved feature. This feature helps a user to record a video in Portrait mode and then can change the depth of field in the post.

Other noticeable changes we can see through the video

There are many eye-catching changes that the new iPhone 13 brings as they will feature a stronger array of magnets for the MagSafe technology. Other than that, a new feature named the ‘astrophotography mode’ is now present in the iPhone 13 as that will be activated at the time the user points the phone to the sky.

Another news is that The latest and the newly updated Apple Watch will not be featuring the ‘Glucose monitoring’ software as it is still not ready and AirTags will be launched in March or April as the software will be fully rolled-out.

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