The Invincible show is based on a comic series written by Robert Kirkman and the creator of many shows. Season 1 shows immense excitement among viewers due to its unique story of superheroism with darker and violent themes and portrays a pretty good sense of humor. And, as per Steven Yeun, Invincible season 2 would be far better than season 1. The animated story of Mark Grayson invincible and his father fighting – Omni-man grabs immense praise from the audience. There would be lots of excitement in the upcoming season that viewers can’t afford to miss.

Though viewers familiar with Kirkman’s famous comics can guess what will happen next in season 2, at the end of season 1, Mark comes to know the truth about his father, which leads to a furious battle between son and father. When Omni-man escapes earth, Mark could heal and put his life together. Although, the final episode did not end on this and has left several storylines for Invincible season 2. Due to season 1 high ratings, it is pretty prominent that all viewers enjoyed the series thoroughly. Let’s gather information about how season 2 can gain expectations again.

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Invincible season 2 faces furious villains.

According to sources, it is expected that season 2 could come in mid-2022, and to beat season 1, more powerful villains need to fight in season 2. It is confirmed that its season 2 would feature the more powerful Viltrumite warrior Conquest and evil and genius Angstrom Levy. And, the appearance of both in season 2 would wholly test the hero, making it more interesting. Conquest’s unbeatable strength makes him a good fighter and a great villain, and he doesn’t show any mercy towards Mark in fights. Overall, these villains offer terrifying experiences that would take the show to another level.

Streaming date of Invincible season 2

As there is no notification regarding the show’s coming yet, Amazon has already renewed the show for season 3 – a piece of good news to all its viewers. It is expected that new episodes will air in mid-2022. This show is enriched with massive violence, along with some mature scenes. Till then, revisit season 1 and appreciate the show.

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