Your subscribers are inundated with emails every second. Most of them hardly have anything new to offer. They have the same old discount coupons and offers, images of their products, and some copy persuading you to buy. Rather than such stacked elements, how about trying something new and treading the interactive path?

Thinking out-of-the-box and creating interactive emails will not only be a breath of fresh air in the subscriber’s inbox but also enhance your click-through rate and conversions. Email Uplers can help you create flawless interactive email templates and boost your conversions. 

What are Interactive Emails?

Interactive emails include functional elements like hover effect, click-based event, or gamification that encourage subscriber engagement. It can be in the form of clicking, tapping, or scratching. You can also include quizzes, surveys, and feedback forms in these emails. 

Factors Boosting Subscriber Engagement

Tapping on the emotional instinct through emails will go a long way in boosting subscriber engagement. Here are the elements that encourage people to interact with your email:

  1. Curiosity

Add an element of suspense in your email. It will pique the subscriber’s curiosity and compel them to take the next action. Scratch effect and treasure hunt games are good examples of instilling curiosity in emails. 

  1. Joy

Another element that improves subscriber engagement is joy. Your subscribers love to have some fun. Put some gamification in the emails to boost interaction. An added advantage of such emails is that people will like to read them again and again. 

Take a look at this gamification email by Email Uplers. It is an interactive email designed with advanced CSS and click-based events. 

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If you are looking forward to creating such interactive email templates for your company, Email Uplers can help.

  1. Urgency

Fear of missing out and losing is one of the strongest emotions. Add countdown timers to highlight limited time offers and attract instant conversions. 

Here’s an email example showing the perfect use of countdown timers. 

Advantages of Interactive Emails

Interactive emails have several advantages like:

  1. They help build strong relationships with subscribers

People are more inclined to engage with an interactive email. They are keen to scroll and click through such visually attractive content. Ultimately, it will help build strong relationships with the customers and prospects alike.

  1. Interactivity in emails will help nurture leads better

Interactive elements in emails will nourish the relationship with the prospective customers and facilitate conversions. These emails will not only boost open and click-through rates but also enhance the conversion rates. The users will be encouraged to visit the website or make the purchase through interactive emails. 

  1. They will give you an edge over the competitors

Interactive emails bring newness in the subscriber’s inbox and help you stand out from the competitors. 

  1. You can reinforce your brand reputation

Adding interactive features will help reinforce the brand identity. It will manifest your image as a fun brand that will further enhance subscriber engagement. 

Applications of Interactive Emails

  1. Carry out occasion-based email marketing

The most popular use of interactive emails is in occasion-based email marketing. Email Uplers recently sent an interactive email for their April Fools’ Day campaign. 

We incorporated the flip effect with the help of advanced coding techniques. On clicking the CTA, the user will be able to see the decrypted message. 

View the live email:
  1. Incorporate surveys and feedback

AMP technology helps send surveys and feedback forms in emails. The users can respond directly in the email without visiting the landing page. Thus, it will eliminate the additional steps and motivate more people to respond to your survey. 

  1. Bring an element of uniqueness in emails

Sometimes, you just want to promote your services in an unconventional way and that’s where interactive emails come into picture. You can demonstrate your products with the help of interactivity like B&Q has done:


  1. Launch a product

Interactivity can be used to launch a product or inform the users about a new feature addition. It will draw the subscriber’s attention and entice them to learn more about it. If you want to create buzz around your product launch, interactive emails are perfect for you. 

  1. Add quizzes or questionnaires in emails

Customers are generally skeptical about providing any personal information to companies. By sending out quizzes or questionnaires in emails, the customers will get over their objection and comfortably participate in it. Consequently, it will enable better segmentation of your subscribers.

Points to Remember While Incorporating Interactivity in Emails

  1. Avoid using multiple interactive elements

Undoubtedly, interactive elements are too tempting to use. However, you must not add too many features at one. Keep it subtle so that you do not overwhelm the readers. 

  1. Learn from your mistakes

If a particular element is not fetching you results, it is time you stop using them in your email. Monitor the analytics and keep iterating your interactive email strategy. 

  1. Do not shy away from trying new things

Your subscribers are perhaps tired of GIFs and videos. It is time to try something new in emails. Experiment with different things to win over your subscribers and achieve the desired objectives. 

Wrapping Up

The difference between mediocre and effective email marketing strategy is that “wow” factor. Effective emails have the perfect blend of visual oomph and compelling copy. They help retain customers, nurture prospective leads, and build a personal connection with the readers. 

If you have loved the idea of interactive emails but the technicalities behind it scare you, you can use advanced email editors that offer interactive features at a few clicks. Or reach out to Email Uplers and share your ideas. We will turn it into reality within the fastest turnaround time. 

Author Bio

Kevin George is Head of Marketing at Email Uplers, one of the fastest growing custom email design and coding companies, and specializes in crafting professional email templates, PSD to HTML email conversion and free responsive HTML email templates in addition to providing email automation, campaign management, and data integration & migration services. He loves gadgets, bikes, jazz and eats and breathes email marketing. He enjoys sharing his insights and thoughts on email marketing best practices on his blog.


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