An inbound call from a customer is the best one-to-one interaction medium a business can get to make a good impression. Compare it with an advertisement of 20 seconds and you will get the answer. It can be an effective way to generate brand loyalty by providing suitable resolutions to queries, issues and grievances.

You will be surprised to know that the average call abandoning rate is 6.44% due to prolonged waiting time. 52% of customers have preferred a quick resolution and 22% feel the waiting time for it is quite long. Thus, a huge impact can be made by a business that can resolve issues and queries faster than competitors. Whether it is ecommerce or travel, education or finance, customer support is the key to brand loyalty.

Improving Customer Interaction with Inbound Call Centers

A customer waiting in a queue to get his/her queries resolved will not be able to hold patience forever. Moreover, not getting a proper solution even after waiting for a long time can make the business lose customers on a real-time basis.

Improving customer interaction levels and delivering exclusive solutions is what an inbound executive does. Without wasting time and delivering sound services and resolutions will automatically increase the customer loyalty level. The factors that determine the customer interaction level are:

  • Average time spent in queue
  • Service level offered
  • Average speed of answer (ASA)
  • Average handle time (AHT)
  • Average after-call work time for CRM data
  • First call resolution rate (FCR)
  • Occupancy rate

These are the factors that are measured by the reputed inbound call center services hired by businesses across the world. Quality assurance metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and Customer Effort Score (CES) are measured to find out how the interaction has been done and how much a customer is satisfied by calling an inbound contact center unit.

To improve this process, an inbound call center service provider will segment the process in the following steps.

  1. Gathering customer information is the first step. The inbound call executive will record the challenges faced by the customer during the explanation on call.
  2. Proper evaluation of the customer request will be done on call and then the customer will be redirected to a designated agent if necessary.
  3. A next course of action is planned based on the implementation of a solution. The solution can be a simple answer to a query or technical support a customer needs regarding a product/service.
  4. Seeking feedback once the interaction is about to be closed and the problem is resolved. It is the last step of customer service offered by an inbound call center team.

The improvement of this process becomes easier when these four steps are well-defined and monitored. Based on the inputs given by the executives in these steps and the data collected, the process can be transformed for better customer interaction and resolution. Make sure you check the inbound call center services price and hire a proficient vendor for the job.

Benefits Of Hiring an Inbound Call Center Service Provider

More than 60% of customers are ready to switch to a new competitive brand if the customer interaction is not properly done. If the experience is not up to the mark, customers will lose faith and will opt for brands that offer better support. Hence, hiring an industry-specific experienced inbound call center service becomes mandatory.

  1. Modern Technology

The leading service providers always trust new technologies. They always want to be the competent name by adding the best IT-powered inbound call service platforms that clients can even use to measure the outcomes and check quality. For instance, top service providers use HubSpot, Bitrix24, Talkdesk, Five9, Zendesk, Avaya, Dixa, Salesforce, Live Agent, and other reputed IT platforms for such services.

  1. Data-backed Reports

Any improvement in the inbound call process can be done when a proper metric system is there to measure the outcomes of every step. Hence, hiring an experienced service provider will offer a transparent and scalable platform that generates reports on a regular basis. Data-backed reports will help you to understand the efficiency of the process and will guide you to make informed decisions.

  1. Understanding Customer Trends

An inbound call center service can also help you collect feedback or understand the latest market trends. The agents included in the team interacting with the customers will be the best source to collect such data and design products/services accordingly.

Wrapping up

Inbound call centers will hire professional executives with prior knowledge of the industry your business is working in. They will be trained and up-skilled so that they can meet with the best solutions for all kinds of queries and issues of customers on call. Improving customer interaction thus increases customer satisfaction and ensures revenue generation through repeat buying decisions and lead conversions.


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