Pokemon Movie The Secret Of The Jungle, when it comes to Japanese releases, the first show that comes to our mind is Pokemon of course!! On the same, the Pokemon franchise is about to release another movie in various foreign territories. That’s right, it is the Pokemon Movie The Secret Of The Jungle which is coming soon in India very soon, so stay tuned to know the release date.

Pokemon Movie The Secret Of The Jungle


Plot: Pokemon Movie The Secret Of The Jungle

Many western countries like Japan and more have already watched the gazing movie of Pokemon. Who doesn’t likes pokemon, right? Well, the evaluations of the film history of pokemon were already excellent. And another excellent movie is approaching us. According to the official news regarding the movie, the movie is going to show the great and exciting journey of Ash and Pikachu in the vast Okoya forest.

Okoya is a vast forest in Japan in which the various pokemon are living and are indulged. With the special and endangered species of Pokemons were found the citizens surprisingly don’t harm them. As in the history of the jungle book, the pokemon also cultivate some kind of plants in Okayo Forest. Isn’t it interesting?

Pokemon Movie The Secret Of The Jungle
The movie is the symbolization of the people and pokemon who live happily and don’t harm them. They are of different kinds and qualities as you all know each pokemon has a special ability and type. The story focuses on the topics of how adopting and the acceptance of the identity of a bond and affection between people and pokemon can be.


All the members prior in the 2020’s movie will be seen like,

  1. Ash with his friends
  2. Other pokemon’s  etc

Release Date: Pokemon Movie The Secret Of The Jungle

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