Hormones are essential for overall’s well-being. Testosterone is a crucial sex hormone that decreases naturally with age. Due to this, there has been increasing curiosity about Testosterone replacement therapy or TRT Toronto. Testosterone plays a central role in the overall well-being, vitality and longevity of men. It is responsible for masculine features, muscle mass, bone density, libido and facial characteristics. Changes in testosterone levels can also cause mood changes. When there is low T or low testosterone, one might begin to experience unwanted physical changes and it might even become difficult to experience gains at the gym. TRT is designed to target the various symptoms that arise because of low T. Here is all that you need to know about this treatment, to help you make an informed decision about the same.

What causes low testosterone?

After entering the late 20s or early 30s, the production of testosterone begins to decrease by 1% to 2% every year. The changes are so subtle that it takes a while for them to become noticeable. Apart from age, other factors can also contribute to lowT. These include chronic stress, fat content in the diet, alcohol intake, autoimmune conditions, sexual frequency, exercise and sleep. Other factors include BMI, diabetes and certain medication.

What are the symptoms to look out for?

To understand whether suffering from Low T, it is crucial to have an understanding of what the symptoms look like. Low T can look like reduced spontaneous erection, insomnia, increased breast tissue, reduced facial hair, muscle loss and unexplained weight gain. Other symptoms include low libido, brittle bones, brain fog, generalized weakness, depression, reduced sex drive, hot flashes, sleep disorder and infertility. Low T can also make it difficult to lose weight and one might also experience enlarged breasts.

How to know that you are a good candidate for TRT?

These symptoms can also seem like an impact on the lifestyle. To know whether it is low T, it is crucial to undergo a consultation. To determine testosterone levels, blood work will be done. The doctor will evaluate red blood cells, lipid levels and other biomarkers to understand if TRT is the ideal treatment option for you.

What happens during TRT?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is a customized treatment. During the treatment, the body is carefully and safely recalibrated. This can take up to several months. The delivery of the treatment is dependent on the lifestyle and requirements of the patient. Available methods of TRT are oral medication, transdermal patches, injections and topical creams. They are to be used as prescribed.

When do you start seeing results?

An advantage of TRT is that you begin to see results soon after the treatment. You will notice an increase in energy, libido and vitality. Sleep quality also improves. Though it takes time for the body to be completely recalibrated. With time, you will also begin to see changes in body composition. The workouts start to become more effective.

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