Read customer reviews about the website that sells T-shirts. Also, find out about its functions and give feedback to learn more about Ibzstore scam.

Are you worried about the environment and the footprint you leave on the earth? Are you concerned about nature throughout your life, including when you purchase clothes? Do you prefer organic products? Do you prefer basic-styled clothes to combat climate changes or global warming? Do you prefer clothes that are plastic-free that are made from 100 100% cotton? sells natural-made t-shirts and accessories throughout the United States. Let’s take a look at below to know more details about Ibzstore scam..

Is Ibzstore Legit?

  • Ibzstore Creation:19th April 2020 at 12:06:09.
  • Ibzstore age:two 10 days and two years old.
  • Ibzstore Expiry:19th April 2023 at 12:06:09.
  • Ibzstore life expectancyexpires within 11 months and twenty-two days.
  • Trust Index:Ibzstore has an average of 76% Trust Score.
  • Business Rating: Ibzstore achieved 100 percent business ranking.
  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites: 11/100.
  • Malware Score, Threat Profile, Spam Score and Phishing Score: 0/100.
  • Origin:Ibzstore is registered in Canada.
  • Situation of BlacklistingIbzstore has not been blacklisted.
  • Connection SecurityIbzstore makes use of a valid and secure HTTPS connection.
  • Ibzstore Review regarding SSL Situation:Its IP does not have SSL certificate.
  • Person to contact:not mentioned on Ibzstore.
  • Social Relations:Ibzstore pages are not visible on social media.
  • Owner’s Name and Contact Details:Ibzstore employed services to restrict these data.

Brief: has been around for over two years. It’s a modest commercial website that offers just four types of clothing. These include:

  1. Three kinds of classic t-shirts which include Manana, Dia, and Noche,
  2. Two different types of tees are included from the 2022 collection which include Bossa as well as Antonio,
  3. Mascarilla mask,
  4. Terraza Cap and
  5. Bolsa Tote Bag

Ibzstore reviews confirmed that the site was created by three individuals who are passionate about nature and wish to help reduce carbon footprint. All items on are environmentally friendly. The IBZ is symbolized by the letter the letter ‘! !’, symbolizing joy.

Tees Tees are the speciality of Tees are constructed with 100percent cotton. They are made of plastic-free vegan and PETA certified. Tees are comfortable design with attention to details.


  • Buy tees at:
  • Social Media Linksnot available on Ibzstore.
  • Price:between PS9.99 to PS26.99
  • Physical address:St Williams Street, London N10GJ, reviewed to confirm Ibzstore Scam.
  • phone (or) WhatsApp phone numberonly the contact phone number listed in the form of (+44 (0)20 3286 7011at Ibzstore.
  • E-mail address[email protected].
  • Review by Customers and Blogs:not supported by Ibzstore.
  • General Terms and ConditionsMentioned in detail on Ibzstore.
  • Policy on Privacy:Mentioned in detail on Ibzstore.
  • Store locator Ibzstore didn’t provide the address of its physical stores.
  • Shipping PolicyIbzstore will deliver shirts in 10 days.
  • Shipping policy:Ibzstore ships via Royal Mail. Shipping costs applicable to Europe are PS7.60 and for those in the USA PS5.00 and the rest around the globe PS9.00
  • tracking:not possible on Ibzstore.
  • Refund Policynot listed on Ibzstore but it is it is not accounted for Ibzstore scam .
  • Refund PolicyIbzstore offers 14 days of time to exchange the garment. The customer has to contact Ibzstore for the return receipt.
  • Refund policy:refund timeline is not listed on Ibzstore. But, Ibzstore will credit the refund to the payment method used for the initial transaction.
  • Mode of Payment:via PayPal, GPay, ApplePay, Visa, and MasterCard in GBP.
  • Newsletters:supported by Ibzstore.
  • FAQ and Help:not found on Ibzstore.


  • provides free shipping to the UK
  • offers a discount of 11% on all Tees
  • An easy and user-friendly interface for with options for sorting
  • Specifications for the Tee and pictures are available on
  • Tees are available from xsmall to 2x-large sizes.

Cons determining Ibzstore Scam:

  • The Tees’ size could be different as per international standards.
  • Payment options with credit cards are not available in certain countries of
  • Options for searching and filtering aren’t included on
  • Four categories of products are available on making it easier for customers to narrow their choices
  • is a website with poor management and logic that allows users to purchase 9999 units of the same product

Customers Reviews:

There are two positive review on the website for Reviews of the product are not included on There were no reviews from customers on anywhere else on the web. has Zero Alexa Ranking. This means that Find Out More about PayPal scamsas Ibzstore is a PayPal merchant and accepts PayPal payments.


Ibzstore Scam studies find that could be a legitimate site because of its TrustRank and a high rank in the Business Category. But, after more than 2 years of existence, does not have a high Alexa rank. did not score well on the suspicion assessment. We suggest you consider other options before purchasing from because no acknowledgment from the customer about delivery was discovered. Read about Credit Card Frauds Read about Credit Card Scamsas Ibzstore accepts payments through CreditCards.

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