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Hunter Moore is a fascinating character. Hunter Moore became a popular figure in South Africa as a result of the Netflix documentary “The Most Hated Man on the Internet”.

Watchers will see how Hunter’s mother sued him for his life-threatening website. The mother of one of Hunter’s victims sued him for his life-threatening website.

Hunter Moore’s Net Worth

Hunter was making more money as the site became more popular. Hunter Moore, 36, is the latest Netflix documentary. The website received more than 350,000 visits per day in the past. Hunter Moore’s net worth by 2022 is $1.5 million.

Source says that in addition the monthly revenue he received from customers who purchased his services, he also received advertising money of between $8000- $13000 per month. His 2018 book published has contributed to his increased wealth. “Is anyone up?” is the title of his book published in 2018. The title of the book is “Is Anyone up?” This tale of revenge also included information about the operation and maintenance of his website.

Hunter Moore Prison

Hunter Moore was sentenced for criminal data theft in 2015. He also pleaded guilty to encouraging unauthorized computer access. Hunter was sentenced by the judge to two-years in prison and a heavy fine.

Moore is also said to have had his access to Facebook and other social networks restricted. Hunter was released from detention in 2017. Hunter’s website has been removed. He has kept his profile low, and it went unnoticed.

Hunter Moore Children

Hunter Moore’s parents became national news after their son, Hunter Moore, was deemed the most hated person on internet. Hunter’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hunter, have kept Hunter under wraps and avoided the media. They were also pleased to learn that Hunter had changed and given up his old ways. Moore’s life is still unknown. Hunter is the only child.

Kirra Hughes, Hunter Moore’s ex-girlfriend, is a character in Hunter Moore Netflix. Kirra was initially skeptical about the website and struggled with it once Hunter explained it to her. We have more information on Hunter Moore Net worth 2022.

Final Thoughts on The Topic

According to research, Hunter Moore, 36 years old, will be the subject in the Netflix documentary. Hunter Moore was sentenced in 2015 to a year behind bars for two felonies: criminal data theft, and promoting unauthorized computer access. Hunter Moore’s net worth in 2022 is estimated to be $1.5million. For more information on Hunter Moore ,click this.

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