Yoga has been around all time, and today it is madly popular worldwide. It includes a complex of physical and spiritual practices that help improve mental health, body, and spirit. For me, yoga has become a form of fitness and specific philosophy of life. It has changed my perspective on life and my body. I will share all the benefits of yoga and how it improves mental health.

The Purpose of Yoga

The word “yoga” in Sanskrit has a meaning, translated as “harmony,” “unity,” or “connection,” as if emphasizing goals. After the first couple of weeks, you can already feel the benefits of yoga: It allows you to learn to feel your body, manage your health, and expand the range of your lungs. At the same time, you can feel physical exertion, so the results come quickly.

Yoga classes almost have no contraindications, age, and gender restrictions. The level of preparation does not matter. Now joint training with children, couples, and wellness sessions for the older age category is popular.

So, the goal of yoga is to change and harmonize a person, give him a perception of the body and its needs, and allow removing physiological clamps from the personality and body. Suppose a beginner pursues not only the goals of losing weight and getting a beautiful figure but also accepting himself and his needs, learning to live in harmony, and improving mental health. In that case, yoga will give him this.

Mental health before and after yoga class

Performing poses and asanas is impossible without concentration and patience. Someone quits classes in the first days – these characteristics are not enough; it is impossible to calm down and withstand the required number of minutes in a position. By training these skills, you can control yourself (behavior, mood, emotions.) Exercises make you focus on yourself: gestures, thoughts. A person is entirely subject to their control. It also develops self-control and does not allow emotions to take over us – it teaches us to subordinate every movement to the mind and saves us from fuss.

Your first yoga sessions

Soon after the start of classes, you will notice a healing effect on the body and tangible changes in the head: a completely different level of calmness – minor irritants do not bother at all, large ones worry just enough to achieve their elimination.

Your perception is changing: now the shortcomings of others are perceived as their personal characteristics, and there is always a way out of difficult situations, bypassing the stage of despair. If you look at all the problems soberly, the solution appears faster because no energy is wasted on experiences. In general, you become more balanced, not worried about trifles.

Does this mean that yoga is equivalent to sessions with a psychologist? Not quite, but partially replaces them if the source of problems is in the absence of an internal core and excessive irritability.

Recommendations for beginners

For beginners, at first, two classes a week are enough. In the future, with the accumulation of experience, you can practice every day. The main thing is to responsibly approach the choice of a gym flooring according to your financial capabilities and needs. For training, you will need:

  • rubber or cork mat.
  • socks with an anti-slip coating on the feet;
  • comfortable T-shirt;
  • sweatpants or leggings;
  • water bottle.

You can also add a spinning bike if you feel like getting a bit warmed up before your yoga session. Practice in a spacious, well-ventilated area. You can use a regular room, but you need to have at least two square meters of free space in it.

As spinning can help you get your blood flowing and make you feel good. It’s also a great way to burn calories, which can help you lose weight. Spinning exercise bike offers a great way to increase your cardio workout. They work your heart and lungs by using your body’s natural movement to create resistance. You can use them at home, in the gym, or at a health club.

Everyone determines the time for classes for himself. It is generally accepted that it is better to practice yoga in the morning, but in big cities, people are used to living at their own pace, so the choice of time is individual. When determining the time of the day, be sure to take into account the body’s daily rhythms. 

According to the mentor’s program, practice at home has been developed or agreed upon. It would help if you always started with proper breathing and the simplest exercises. If a beginner does not learn to breathe correctly, then the whole point of the practice is reduced to zero.

Final word

Yoga contributes to creating a calm character, the ability to control one’s actions and feelings, not to panic for any reason. A person with such qualities easily achieves his goals because no trifle will make him quit halfway through the work he has begun.


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