How To Win Destiny 2 Curse Breaker Title Get The Steps To Win The Title

A title in Destiny 2 is very  significant. The titles are special words displayed under a player’s name in-game. This comes after the player completes a series of challenges. The challenges may differ from mastering the crucible to finding a very secret destination.

How To Win Destiny 2 Curse Breaker Title

Although it is heavily time gated, curse breaker titles is one of the easier ones to obtain. The time taken to earn the title can be multiple seasons. This is based on your luck. We will look  into the details of how to obtain Cursebreaker title in Destiny 2.

Dreaming City Badge.

If Cursebreaker does not have a badge associated with it , it would not be a proper title. To get this badge, players will have to obtain every piece of dreaming city gear.

These are the items tied to the badge.

  • Starlight Shell: 
  • Silver Tercel: 
  • Pallas Galliot: 
  • Blueshift Dreams: 
  • Secret Victories: 
  • Reverie Dawn Armor Set: 
  • Dreaming City Weapons: 
  • Horror’s Least: 
  • Wish-Ender:

If you want to earn Dreaming City weapons, you have to complete weekly activities on the destination including Petra Venj’s bounties, the  weekly story mission  and Blind Well.destiny 2 curse breaker title

Mission Minded.

Complete the missions, Broken Courier, The Oracle Engine and Dark Monastery.

Blind Well Triumphs.

Blind Well is a  wave based activity in the Dream city.

Never Again.

The first dungeon in the Destiny franchise is the shattered throne. To attain the cursebreaker title, players need to complete this dungeon.

Suit up

The easiest task tied to the cursebreaker is to obtain the suit up triumph.

Gimme That Bow.

After you have defeated, Vorgeth in the Shattered throne dungeon, the players should  stumble against a statue. The statue will be holding a bow. Interacting gives you a Wish- Ender Exotic Bow.

O Grave Robber Mine

Ahamkara bones are scattered throughout the dreaming city.

Corrupted Omlette

Various corrupted eggs dot the dreaming city. It is not possible to knock out all 40 eggs in a single session.

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